Monday, October 09, 2017

Habib's enters the sector of gas stations and provides for franchises

The fast food group Habib's opened this Friday, 6, a new business model in which will act in the marketing of fuels. With supplies made by Petrobras Distribuidora, the network wants to get to 30 own units until 2020 and then can give the model.
The first unit of the network of stations, which operates with a flag named "H", was opened in the East zone of São Paulo, at Avenida Radial Leste, and features a restaurant and a convenience store Ragazzo Habib's.
According to the Group's founder, Alberto Saraiva, the company saw an opportunity to combine business with the fuel supply. The Group's restaurants with drive-thru move 20 million vehicles a year.
"This project is nothing more than combining the idea of convenience to this force which the brand already has," he says.
The Group's expansion Director, Sergio Iunis, States that the convenience is still little explored in Brazil in comparison with other countries. Here, reports, market data indicates that 26% of gas stations have convenience store, compared with 86% in the United States.
"We believe that competitors will come back with this concept of convenience, because there is still a very big opportunity that is not being exploited," he said.
Another part of the strategy involves greater aggressiveness. The company hopes to keep prices below the average in the region and will do promotional activities regularly.
The jobs network becomes part of an aggressive expansion strategy of the group. The company expects to reach this year's final with 579 shops, largely franchises restaurants Habib's and Ragazzo, 115 points higher than in 2016. The company's plan contemplates hitting stores all flags 1,213 until 2022.
According to Sambo, the expansion of the company has been financed with own box. He estimates that the group doesn't get chance disregards the financing alternatives to sustain the investment plan in the case of the expansion accelerate even more.
The current rate, however, is already intense: the network opened in the last 14 months an average of one store every three days.
ISTO É – 06/10/2017
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