Wednesday, October 04, 2017

External performance of meat in September

In September the meats in General were affected by a shorter month: 20 working days against 23 working days of August 2017 and 21 business days of September 2016.
Of course, as the difference in relation to August was higher, the comparison with the previous month offers all negative results. The average price that, after all, has nothing to do with the number of working days of the month. Hence the price reduction of the three meats surprised negatively.
In other words, beef, pork and chicken have not managed to repeat, in September, the average price of August/17: closed the period with reductions of, respectively, 0.46%, 0.92% and 1.14%. The worst result, so was the chicken.
Compared to the same month of last year, not all the results were negative. In terms of volume, only the pork reduction (-16.58%). The chicken meat has remained stable (+ 0.55%) and beef have registered significant increase (+ 20.31%).
But returned to lose, in terms of average price, the pork (-1.32%) and chicken (-0.48%). The beef, however, has not had much better results, because your appreciation was only marginal (+ 0.78%).
Front, above all, the strong reduction in volume, Exchange recipe of pork retreated 17.68%, while that of beef and chicken remained stable (+ 0.06%). The increase, therefore, was restricted to beef (+ 21.25%), who presented performance enough to ensure increased slightly more than 5% in the Exchange joint three meat recipe.
Agrolink – 03/10/2017
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