Monday, October 09, 2017

Drive thru Doubles Online sales Supermago

The supermarket chain Gaucho Supermago doubled sales in your online platform, called "Magodrive", after a year of performance of the drive-thru service. However sales for e-commerce network, of course, are still low in relation to trade in physical stores. The supermarket's expectation is to grow in the digital retail, from the knowledge of the needs of the local consumer who requests this service. How do you explain Nosy, Director of Supermago, in an exclusive interview to the newspaper Fun News. "Sales rose 100% since the beginning of the operation. This first year was for learning in online sales and understand who these customers are and what they're looking for. The representation is still low, given that we are in constant, however contained growth. There are barriers in consumer habit Gaucho ", explains Patricia.
The Magodrive is a platform that allows the client to perform your purchases online and receive the desired address or stop by the drive thru to withdraw-available only on unit Jd. Itatí. The service meets 42 neighborhoods of Porto Alegre and can be requested by means of mobile devices, including application, or computers. The product mix is the same physical units and includes items such as grocery, frozen, butcher and bakery. The freight varies between R $12 and R $19. For the purchases made above R $50 in the drive thru, convenience service is free. The average ticket purchases revolves around R $180. The Magodrive meets customers physical and legal persons.
With four operations in Porto Alegre, the next step in Supermago is not opening new stores and, Yes, improving the online platform, as well as a new custom service monthly shopping list. With that, the network intends to leverage the online sales in 120% until October 2018. "We are improving our daily operation, mix of products and features available on the site," concludes the Director.
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