Thursday, October 19, 2017

BRF: Sadia beats forecasts and 5 times more salt in their products in a year

São Paulo, 18/10-Sadia, BRF company, managed to eliminate in 1,800 tons of salt a year of some of their products, with a 30% reduction in the sodium level. The project, which completed one year in last August, initially predicted to reach 40 products, corresponding to about 70% of the sales volume for the brand, with the Elimination of 315 t of salt.
These initial projections, however, were more than exceeded. In addition to increasing the number of products to 50 and remove 5 times more salt than planned products, the company also noted an increase in the volume of sales of certain categories.
According to the Manager of research and development of the company, Fábio Bagnara, there is a strong demand for healthier products. "Many consumers reported the company liked the idea and, despite having removed the sodium, wasn't a flavorless and consumer product noticed this as a benefit," said the Executive at Broadcast Agro, real-time news service of Grupo Estado. "Accelerate the implementation of the project, we made the withdrawal ahead of schedule and changing production mix," he added.
Although the company did not reveal the investment destined specifically to the project, the company States that invested R $560 million in innovation over the past three years. Sodium reduction, the company has developed a particular technology to ensure that the products maintain the same taste, same texture, in addition to maintaining the conservation-what is also one of the properties of sodium.
The raw material used comes from animal protein (beef and chicken), a natural ingredient that serves as the basis for it to be made a kind of "broth" and intensifies the use of natural seasonings and spices already present in the composition of products such as pepper, garlic, onion , coriander and paprika. Bagnara said it was important for the consumers themselves were to add more salt at home, which would make the project lose sense.
He stated that the BRF continues improving the project. "We work to reduce sodium across the portfolio, we haven't seen a final limit. We've been with this product far below of the agreement that was made with the Government and with the Brazilian food industries Association (Abia), "he said. The BRF is a signatory to an agreement with Abia to reduce the amount of sodium in foods. Currently the Brazilians consume 12 grams of sodium per day, when the recommendation of the World Health Organization (who) is 5 grams per day – goal to be achieved by the Association in 2025.
Bagnara stated that the BRF can even extend the project to their other brands like Perdigao and the third line that the company should launch in the first quarter of 2018, according to the announcement by the Chairman of the Board of the company, businessman Abilio Diniz , in August. Second Bagnara, technology should not endear the products. "As time goes by the technology is becoming more and more accessible," he concluded.
ISTOÉ – 18/10/2017
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