Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Turnover of wholesalers falls 2.7% in November

The fall of billing of wholesalers and distributors worsened in the second half of 2016. That''s not what the industry expected when the August result seemed to signal a resumption.
In November, the month in which sales usually grow due to holidays, the actual retraction was 2.74% as compared to the same period in 2015, according to the Brazilian Association of Abad wholesalers and distributors of industrial products).
Date of 2016 until November, revenue fell 2.47 percent, considered inflation. The December data should help, but not enough to reach the goal of a real high of 1%. "In September, the trade remained stocked. The expectation now is that the result is at least equal to the nominal inflation, "says Emerson Destro, new President of the Association.
No threat
The Right-handed Group will invest 30 million R$ this year to open two units aimed at atacarejo, says Director Emerson Destro. The first, planned for this semester, will be in Campinas and the second, in Paraná. Today, the company has five wholesale centers and only one back also to the final consumer, in Curitiba.
"The big advantage of the atacarejo is the reduced operational cost and the prices more competitive." The thread does not threat the attacked, said the Executive, who just assumed as President of Abad.
"Some Associates believed that it would be a competition to small shopkeepers, who supply, but losers are the supermarkets." In 2016, the Group won 1.8 billion R$.
Cash & atacarejo sales-Carry that shopkeepers sell end-customer grew 13%, by volume, in 2016, says Richard Roldan, President of Abaas (Brazilian Association of self-service Wholesalers).
Nominal revenues increased by around 20% last year, says the Executive, network owner Roland, who had a result similar to the industry. "With monetary tightening in 2016, many small merchants migrated to the self-service attacked [known as atacarejos]."
The entity, created two years ago by associated Abad who wanted to defend specific interests, segment brings together nine companies, such as Açaí, the GPA, and Atacadão, Carrefour. According to the entity, the annual sales of large networks of atacarejo is R$ 80 billion.
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