Monday, January 30, 2017

Trade has worst result in 16 years

In the same way that the Big Mac Burger is accepted in more than 100 countries as ruler to measure on or undervaluation of a forward currency to the U.S. dollar, the plastic stand as informal economic sensor, given the diversity of markets for their applications. Preliminary sectoral projections about the year 2016 indicate that the physical production of transformed fell 5.6 percent and the income of the sector shrank by 11.1%. At the end of the chain, these estimates are red endorsed by newly disclosed Serasa Experian research on sales of trade in the country. The balance generates indicates decline of 6.6% in the past year versus 2015, the worst balance gauged in retail over the past 16 years. Between the numbers in the ICU, emerge the 7% decline in super and hypermarkets and food and drinks. In the realm of vehicles, motorcycles and parts, the fall was around 13% constada. In furniture, electronics and computer science, the collapse was scaled in 11.1%, while trade in construction materials saw 5.4 percent deficit last year.
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