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Swimwear retail will need more than Sun to heat this summer

São Paulo-Following the results of the retail market, the brands that specialize in swimwear must keep weakened performance this season, down from 2016. To change the projection, the bet will be diversification of products in search of larger sales tickets and partnerships.
"At the beginning of year the sales levels are low, below the beginning of 2016," said the President of the Brazilian Institute of Retail executives and Consumer Market (Ibevar), Claudio Felisoni of Angelo. According to him, despite the economic scenario has presented a '' best humor '', at this time the family incomes are tighter and interest rates remain high in the various forms of financing. "This Signals a little optimistic scenario for retailers who depend on the income of the families," he says.
Despite not possessing the specific projections for the niche, the professor points out that must accompany the average retail, with real close to 3% and 4%.
The two stores own brand Amir Slama, is also of course the retraction. "You realize a desire to consume, but a lower ability to purchase", puts the network''s Creative Director, Amir Slama..
Still, he remains more positive projections to 2017. "In 2015 we had a pullback of 25% by 2016-high 15%, but it was not enough to recover the fall. Already this summer of 2017 we think we''re back to levels of 2014, "he says.
Among the strategies that Slama has used to leverage sales in the summer''s partnership with other brands, such as Astrid Batiche Mathew and l '' été. "It''s a way to have other products in my space for a differentiated cost-how the child I didn''t have before and had demand-, and on the other hand the other mark is a collection signed. This way I can increase the average ticket, "describes.
The independent scenario, he points out that managed to find opportunities, for example, to open a franchise of your brand in Ribeirão Preto (SP) that besides being a door to expand in Brazil, must also be the model to grow in the international market.
Leveraging the product diversification strategy, the Euro marks and Touch that offer sunglasses and other accessories for summer also expect better performance. "We have a satisfactory result by multiprodutos. We started with semijóias on Euro and leather bracelets in Touch. This helped to positive 1 2016 [for] and must stay, "says retail Manager and new business of Technos Group, Renata Barbieri.
According to her, a strategy that has worked is the partnership with bloggers. "We have lines [sunglasses] thrown with bloggers and we got a positive result, because the glasses is much sought after by those who love fashion," he says. In Touch, the product has a 30% share in the revenues, but must reach 40% in summer. Already in the Euro is of 22% and 35% should reach.
Without crisis
In the clothing segment with UV protection, the commercial Director of Litoraneus UV Protection, Grandson Lima, explains that there was a slowdown in growth, but the network didn''t have fall and the prospect is in 2017 sales for the summer stay 20% up to 2016. "In January there is an increase in volume, but in general our demand fluctuates a lot. Because most of our units are in the North and Northeast, where there is demand. "
One of the advantages of the store, he said, is the diversity. "We have fashion casual, beach and sport. Customer comes in to see the Bikini and finds more, "he says. Currently, the company has 108 stores and the goal in 2017 is open more than 100, with focus in the South and Southeast.
Bet on the segment
Targeting the market opportunities of beach and surf, the Amazon Group announced at the end of 2016 the exclusive production and distribution of brand Reef in the country for five years. "Brazil has more than 7000 km of coastline and two world champions of surfing, the market has plenty of room to grow," said the Director of the Group Amazon, Denilson would do. Only in 2017, the brand hopes to achieve 200 specialized points of sale. With the brand, the Group wants 20% high in the production of footwear, factory core, reaching 73 million. The part of clothing should be outsourced. "We have a large portfolio of applications."
The company, which also supplies components for footwear, points out that a strategy to grow in niche will be offering its customers '' products to increase participation in the surf and beach fashion stores.
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