Thursday, January 19, 2017

Survey reveals habits in Supermarket

The Agency 96, specializing in live marketing, released the results of the research "Shopper, supermarket and Promotion: a vital ecosystem for brands during the crisis". The survey detected several habits that became part of the everyday life of the customers at the point of sale. One of the highlights was to plan purchases gained momentum in consumer habit. According to the data, 86% prepare shopping list (50% a few times and 36% always). However, only 7% to follow strictly. Higher income consumers are the ones who comply to the letter the prior planning-11%. "The data show that there is still a lot of buying to be decided at the POS, good news for brands that invest in promotions and point of sale activation" Pearl Freeman, Director of the Agency 96.
Men alone are less Organized in planning according to the survey, men alone are less organized in the planning, but tend to be more faithful to the shopping list: 52% usually take short list, and when lead, 85% follow much of the preset. Women already are planning more, but are less "faithful": 73% say lead the list, but only 64% follow what is written. Already the behavior of households in supermarkets is more unpredictable: while 81% take the shopping list, only 32% are planning. With children of up to 10 years, only 20% buy what was planned. The first phase of the poll was made with 819 consumers Brazil through the mobile platform Bonusquest. The second phase interviewed 126 consumers in super and hypermarkets of São Paulo, in September.
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