Monday, January 30, 2017

Sale of quantiQ can affect Brazilian plastic retail

To buy from Braskem, by 550 million R$, quantiQ Distributor, costa Rican GTM Holdings ignites a wildfire in the direction of the Brazilian retail of resins. After all, even today it is not known in the square of compelling justification for Braskem does not have embedded quantiQ, largest distributor of chemical products in the country, to its network of authorized agents to market polyethylene and polypropylene. Qualification for business, quantiQ has to spare. In addition to the budgeted revenue in R $1 billion, its degree of capitalization and of infrastructure four distribution centers and seven logistic bases on national territory beat away the indicators of at least three of the five current agents of resins of Braskem. Familiarity with the plastic industry also isn''t holdup because quantiQ is originally from extinct Ipiranga Química, reference in the last century as polyolefins and retailer who fell in the lap of Braskem by being active member of two abocanhadas by the Group companies, the Ipiranga Petroquímica and Quattor. The intriguing distribution policy of Braskem, quantiQ was jettisoned from the authorized reseller of resins of its parent company, as well as the imported competition. Under the command of GTM Holding, subordinated to the management company of private investment funds Advent International, reveals the harbinger of a yaw quantiQ''s portfolio. After all, the GTM already distributes polypropylene and polyethylene in Latin America, playing for multi-brand schema vetoed by Braskem to its distributors in Brazil. In addition, according to the projection, American Townsend polyethylene will be plus 7,300,000 tons in the next three years, converging on the formation of a huge surplus to be mitigated through an effort exporter, a price war where South America among spawning channels more attractive to the polymer. The Brazil, even flogged by three years years of recession, is still a capital market in the region, which is why investors in new polyethylene complexes in the U.S., such as ExxonMobil, I move around here thirsting for local well structured, good financial health and retail traquejados of plastic. A scenario that makes quantiQ, free from the restraints of Braskem, a bride to be coveted by those applicants from abroad. And for what it''s worth, here the multi-brand distribution policy of GTM, nothing will prevent quantiQ of polyethylene and polypropylene market imported from various brands. There''s more: the business of resins and derivatives among the 18 that GTM operates in your call industrial area. In contrast, the five Braskem''s distributors have in polyethylene and polypropylene the heart of your business. "The alienation of quantiQ is in line with the strategy of strengthening our activities in the petrochemical sector, optimizing the portfolio of Braskem''s assets within our commitment to financial discipline," said Fernando Musa, President of Braskem. Stay on the air if the next step of this planning will be the sale of minority interest (20%) of the company on componedora of polypropylene Borealis Brazil S.A.
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