Friday, January 13, 2017

Retailers are betting on economic recovery

The credit protection service-SPC Brazil, in partnership with the National Confederation of store managers-CNDL, conducted a survey with retail entrepreneurs and service providers of the 27 capitals and in the interior of Brazil. The study shows that some of the respondents are optimistic about the expectations for 2017:58.4% to the economy will be better this year than in 2016, however, still there are 36.7% who fear that the country did not make it out of the crisis. To overcome the economic problems of the country in 2017, 28.7% of companies intend to buy more things in sight, 25.5% will make price research and 24.1% will negotiate and ask for more discounts at shopping.
Optimistic Scenario
In relation to the company itself, 58.4% of the interviewees are willing to concretize your projects and 27.4% are without expectations, positive or negative. There is still 8.8% who claim to be discouraged with everything. For 2017, 29.1% of entrepreneurs claim not to have any specific project, but have the hope that good things will happen. About of 27.6% intend to expand the business and 20.9% launch new products or services.
Expectations and solutions
In the list of the most important problems to be solved in 2017 in the opinion of entrepreneurs are: economic crisis (61.9%), corruption (60.5%), violence (51.6%) and inflation (47.8%). The fearful, in addition to fear that the country did not make it out of the crisis in 2017, fear having to close the company (18.6%), being a victim of any type of violence (15.6%) and can''t pay his debts (13.5%). To Honorius Pinheiro, President of CNDL, it is important to keep in mind that the overcoming of the economic framework will be a slow process, even if the scenario is optimistic. "This, however, does not mean that anyone can grow. There are companies that even in the crisis can proceed. This depends crucially in the industry, but also in attitudes that might be in range of the entrepreneur. The moment requires that all decisions taken within the company are very informed, with the proper assessment of the risks involved, "says Patel.
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