Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PET debut in vodka Sobieski

The news reflects a goal for plastic, but hides a track for marketing on a knife edge. Wind power in Europe with several plants in the East of the continent, the German Greiner Packaging announces the delivery of 1.75 liter bottle in PET for bottling of vodka Sobieski. Corporation Member Marie Brizard Wine Spirits Group brand & Sobieski is addressed to the Polish market and enhanced as part of the premium category of the distillate in focus. As trombeteia the Greiner in the media, the return of the traditional glass for PET bottle resulted in increase of practicality and lightness without damage to the appeal of the brand in the top level of the vodkas. As there are controversies. PET in alcoholic beverages is nothing new, and even consolidated, for convenience and safety factors, in pod as those served in plane. In favour of polyester, topping the democratization of consumption made possible by its packaging, the example of his successful career in soft drinks and edible oil, products in the past of limited production due to costs and technology of manufacture of glass containers. The entry of PET was applauded by facilitating the expansion of supply the competitive price range products popular, without connotation of nobility in his image. As it is this aura of exclusiveness and refining one of the engines of the marketing of alcoholic beverages with higher added value and runs more contained, whether beer, wine or distilled tradition outside the economic category, the example of the best Brazilian Cachaça. Based on this reality and inflexible culture of current consumer sophistication of premium drinks, ultra attentive to the preservation of the original flavors, the vodka Sobieski in PET WINS push to strengthen itself in less demanding popular market, although at the risk of being viewed differently by the public more selective luxury trade.
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