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Hotels want to attract small investors to condo-hotel model

São Paulo-With the close proximity of the model regulations condo-hotel, the hotel industry hopes to regain investor confidence and be able to expand the participation of small. According to the entity that represents the investors of condo-hotel, the InnVestidor, launched yesterday, to achieve this goal it is also necessary to '' empower '' the shareholders of enterprises.
Traditionally with few financing options, the hotel management depends on the model of condo-hotel, to expand. The format, however, still passes through uncertainties, as lack of regulation '' and the negative image. Therefore, to ensure their support, the sector must improve the environment for investors. "We should create conditions that may attract new investors," says one of the founders of InnVestidor and tax specialist, Camillo Ashcar Grandson.
According to him, there is a great potential among small investors, especially those who still apply in savings, but it is necessary that the normative which deals with the regulation of the sector-which will go to public hearing in February 08 day-cover the needs of the owners. "So we''re [the InnVestidor] dealing with the SEC details that were not being treated," he explains.
Some examples cited by him are the rules required to enter or exit the hotel pool and the prerequisites that must be taken into consideration for those who want to invest in the model. "It is important that every enterprise has its status, but also that the rules of the SEC to create a patronização for some points," he says.
To reach this audience, the account executive who will engage and build actions with government agencies and industry representative bodies, such as the Brazil hotel operators of the Forum (Fohb). "In addition to using the entries that we hope to accomplish in 2017 for profiling and after studying the potential of the group that uses savings."
In the case of larger investors such as corporations and institutional funds, he points out that the measures are also needed. "We need a proper environment for that capital can enter," he explains. Ashcar believes that the political and economic instability and violence are major bottlenecks in the sector and "that''s why the industry should at least have legal certainty and clear rules," he says.
According to the Executive, with clear rules, until apartment resale, you can return to this type of investment liquidity and attractiveness that lost in recent years. "Today the way is the stock market, many investors end up wanting to sell your assets and invest in title and who has not yet condo-hotel doesn''t either, because the return is low," she adds.
Finally, the Commission complements the measures of the CVM will be very beneficial to the image of the sector. While some projects launched in the past complied with the promises of return, the rules should reduce the margins of interpretation in both time to market as a project, which will give more security to the owner and consequently improve the investment image.
Another major challenge for the sector pointed to by another entity''s founder, Mukesh Chandra, is the production of technical and statistical content for investors. "The aim of the organisation is to produce reliable information, such as those found in other sectors, such as construction. We want to create indexes of profitability by region and even affluence, "analyzes the Executive.
Accordingly, the Association will be a support for investors of all sizes, especially for the small. "We will make information generated by experts. We want to give to the liquidator in the condo-hotel and the investor legal basis to discuss and question the Manager of the hotel. The administrator does not want to harm the investor, but often her vision is not the investor''s "comments.
The Executive added that the entity must also encourage more active investor participation on the boards and ordinary and extraordinary assemblies. "Many times the owner does not agree with a decision taken by the administrator, but was not at the Assembly, so there''s no way to complain."
Another example cited by him is the lack of knowledge about the rights and duties of the investor and the administrator. "Many don''t even know that there is a statute and not know the contractual clauses. If the hotel has prejudice, he sometimes doesn''t know which must cover the fixed cost ", he adds. So, one of the works of InnVestidor will give you tips on what to know before you invest in condo-hotel. "Sometimes the investor signs a power of Attorney at the time of closing the contract, where the administrator decides for him in case of absence and he doesn''t even know," he says. The prospect of the entity to 2017 is to reach 10000 associated until the end of the year. The site, which is available since last Tuesday is already receiving request and register.
On the perspective of the expert to the condo-hotel market this year, the Executive believes will continue with hard results. "The profitability is expected to continue lower in 2017. But the administrators will have a challenge to at least make enough to pay the Bills and don''t have prejudice for investors, "he says.
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