Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Frimesa will invest 2.5 billion by 2030 R$ to become a reference in the pig sector

The Frimesa aims to become a national reference in the production of pork and, to this end, provides for investments of 2.5 billion R$ throughout the production chain until 2030. Based in Medianeira (Paraná), the company is a central, which brings together five affiliated cooperatives and has producers who act as partners and suppliers of raw materials. Besides the pig, she also acts in the dairy sector. "Until 2018, all our production will have source control, with certifications that attest to the quality in issues such as livestock feed until welfare of creations and workers," said the Executive Director of Frimesa, Prajakta Zydek, to Broadcast Agro, news service real-time agribusiness Group State.
In 2016, the billing of the cooperative must close at R$ 2.51 billion, 13% more than the registered in 2015. Already the production volume must overcome 349,000 tonnes, with 5.5% growth. For 2017, the projection is that revenues will reach $3 billion (+18%) and that the production volume exceeds 375,000 tons, representing 7.5% increase. The numbers reflect mostly the growing investments of the company in the supply chain of pork. The Frimesa is one of the leading producers of pork in Brazil.
"Currently we have 1,050 integrated producers and gradually expanding the production of 7000 heads slaughtered a day to 21000 heads per day until 2028," said Zydek. On the planned investment, the Executive claims that 30% should be on own resources and the rest financed, without giving further details. The supply involves producers, cooperatives and integrated Central Frimesa itself.
The high point of this movement is to build a refrigerator of pork. Will be 141,000 square meters of built area in a 115-hectare property in the city of Assis Chateaubriand, Paraná. The first step must be completed in 2018, generating 3500 direct jobs, according to the cooperative. The completion of the complex is planned for 2025. The total investment of this step will consume about of R$ 800 million.
The cooperative, which is intended for about 90% of their production to the domestic market, betting on the growth of pork consumption in Brazil, even after the fall registered in 2016. According to the Brazilian Association of Animal protein (ABPA), domestic consumption of protein should end the year with 4.9% indentation before 2015, from 15.2 pounds per capita, for 14.4 pounds per capita. Production should reach 3,700,000 tons of pork, an increase of 2.4% compared to 3,600,000 tonnes of the 2015, due mainly to the increase of exports. Shipments of pork meat in natura totaled 628,700 tonnes last year, 33% above the 472,700 tons shipped in 2015, according to the Ministry of industry, services and foreign trade (MDIC).
"Our vision is of medium and long term. The Brazil is going through a fall in purchasing power right now, but we believe the country will re-grow, "he pondered Frimesa Executive Director. "We bet on the growth of pork, ensuring quality and provenance."
For him, the campaigns that promote the pork in Brazil, intensified by the institutions that represent the sector in the last two years, must take more and more protein for the Brazilian dish, whether in the form of fresh or processed product (sausage, smoked, cold, among others). Today, the diversification of the cuts and the sale of pork are highlights of the cooperative. Last year, production reached 209,000 tons and in 2016, the number should reach 233,000 tons.
In addition, Zydek provides that the costs of production for the brazilian industry of proteins must be more favorable as early as 2017, because of the lower price of feed. "The corn was the factor that disrupted and interfered in the cost of production of pork, encareceu around 12%, but is already yielding", commented. The Brazil should reap a larger crop this harvest cereal 2016/17, which should collaborate to falling prices and encourage industry margins.
O Estado de S. Paulo
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