Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Drop in beer consumption affects Kirin''s sales in 2016

The Japanese Kirin Group, owner of brands such as Debauched and Schin, reported a fall of 5.5% in sales volume in the year 2016, for 134,100,000 boxes. Beer sales shrank 1.9 percent in the period, to 51,200,000 boxes (648,200,000 litres).
In 2016, as all the beer market, the company suffered the impact of decline in beer consumption in the world. Sales totaled 134,100,000 boxes. In the category of beer, the company boosted sales of Kirin Ichiban Shibori brand.
For 2017, the company reported that it will strengthen the lines of low-malt beer and new genres of malt-based drinks to expand sales.
The goal for this year is to register a growth of 1.9% in sales of drinks for 136,700,000 boxes. In beer, the company predicts growth of 4.9%, to 53,700,000 boxes (679,800,000 litres).
The Kirin disclosed that aims to expand the Kirin brand value, by offering products with high added value, which will support the growth of the group. The company has not disclosed preliminary data about the Brazil Kirin.
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