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Associative networks strengthen the crisis and advance in 2016 was 12%

São Paulo-Supported in associations, small and medium-sized pharmacies closed 2016 with revenues of $9 billion, 12 percent more than the seen in 2015. With consolidated business models, the prediction is that the networks to gain more members, and raise the importance of the retail model of medicine.
The data are part of an estimate of the Brazilian Federation of Associative Networks of Pharmacies (Febrafar) and, according to the President of the entity, Edison Tamascia, despite the sharp growth to expansion was smaller than in recent years. "We''ve had times when we grew up a lot more. In 2013, for example, the high was around 17% ", he commented, the result of the sector to the DCI.
The entity, which arose in the early 2000, encompasses more than 9,600 pharmacies, divided into 53 associative networks. With the goal of crashing head-on with the major networks in the industry, guaranteeing differentiated conditions of purchase and management for small, the Febrafar has shown an intense growth in recent years and, according to Tamascia, above the market average. "Pharmacies have associative presented, in the last five years, an increase higher than the rest of the market, and our perspective is to maintain that pace for next year," he says.
The vision of the Executive is proven by the study "the Brazilian pharmaceutical market" held in September 2016 by IMS Health. According to the survey, the associative networks presented in 12 months accumulated finalized in July 2016 1 high of 13.1%, compared to the previous year, while the retail pharmacist as a whole grew by 11.4%. According to the survey, the major networks have advanced, in the same period, 11.9% and 9.7% independent.
Room for all
On those results, the prospect of the entity is maintaining the participation of associative networks in the market, even with the aggressive strategy of expansion of large groups. "There''s room for growth for everyone. The major networks have the strategy to grow more in the larger centers. Already the Association seeks growth in smaller municipalities, but suitable for your business, "says the Chief Operating Officer of Farmarcas, Angelo Vieira.
The firm manages today eight associative networks linked to Febrafar, including the Ultra Popular, Maxi Popular and Entrefarma. With even greater performance than the rest of its members, States that the eight networks must grow 54% in 2016, compared to 2015 and on the basis of '' same '' stores. "In 2016 should close with a billing around R $1 billion."
He says that one of the main aspects that ensured the growth of stores was the popular pharmacy model adopted by most operations. "We were able to build a business strategy that is very appropriate expectations of the population, which increasingly seeks to save," he says.
According to the Executive, which allows to offer extremely competitive prices is the cost management of the company, combined with strong negotiation with suppliers. "We have a very strict cost management and efficient. It''s not just the economy, it''s a strategy same. The store has a different operation, she has a differentiated, more economical furniture layout, valuing the self-catering. We work with passwords, which ensures that the team is more reduced, "he says.
Next year, the Outlook for the Farmarcas networks is to maintain a faster pace of expansion, and that the goal is to open at least 20 stores per month in 2017, totaling a minimum of 240 in the year. For 2018, the prospect of expansion is more aggressive and the company expects to double in size, passing the current 556 units to more than 1000 operations
"Let''s grow on three fronts: incorporation of new associations; work of prospecting and conversion of new stores to the existing networks; and by our associated with opening new units ", quotes.
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