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After years of crisis, PCs undergo renovation at CES 2017

It was a long and dark winter – but the first flowers finally began to sprout. After at least five years with drop in sales, the personal computer market returned to innovate in this beginning of 2017. During the CES 2017, technology fair closed today in Las Vegas, were not few manufacturers that presented innovative news in its lines of desktop computers and notebooks.
Among the highlights, there are PCs with touch screens, with sensors to scan 3D objects, in addition to greater concern with the design. Together, these ideas show that manufacturers have changed the tactics of recent years, when computers were virtually identical, with a few incremental improvements. "The market realized you have to react somehow," says Reinaldo Sakis, research manager of IDC Brazil consulting. "Until 2020, the prospect of sales of PCs is stable. Manufacturers need to bring innovations that justify the purchase of a new computer. "
Is a current concern in the PC industry: after starting the decade with a peak sales history, lost 27 percent of its 2011 market here – or almost 100 million sets in absolute terms, if IDC''s estimates for the global scenario of 2016 are confirmed.
There is a only one culprit for such a fall. The popularity of smartphones "cannibalised" technology, after many users left the PCs to navigate the phone.
Without demand, manufacturers began to pay more attention to the mobile world and innovation in PCs has stagnated. These factors have increased the trading range of the machines. "Before, people were with the same PC for up to four years. Now, stay for five, seven years, "says Luciano Balakrishnan, senior product manager of Samsung notebooks area in Brazil.
Resumed. The first sign that a reaction was coming was given by Microsoft in October 2016. The company launched three new models of personal computers the line Surface. The Studio, a unit with 28 inch screen and innovative settings, was made for those who work with design. "Microsoft directed his audience to content creators. Is a stylish device, "said the State the analyst j.p. Gownder, Forrester Consulting, on Oct.
With the release of CES, the impression is that Microsoft wasn''t the only company trying to develop something different. And, in a way, the good performance of Windows 10, released in 2015, contributed to accelerating innovation in the sector. "Windows 10 is a success," says Raquel Martinez, marketing manager for Dell in Brazil. "Now, the industry is improving the hardware for user to use 100% of the system."
2017 during CES, Dell was one of the manufacturers that have brought more surprises. The Canvas, for example, brings a touchscreen of 27 inches instead of a physical keyboard. It can be used as a Clipboard for design professionals. If your keyboard is necessary, simply activate the virtual – as in smartphones. HP released another innovative computer: the "all in one" Sprout Pro includes a 3D motion sensor and a mini projector.
Convertible devices – in which the keyboard can be folded, turning the device on a tablet – were also featured at CES. In this field, Dell also hit by XPS 13 notebook (read more below) almost turn inside out. The most basic computers have also won more refined designs and more resistant materials-such as metal instead of plastic.
In addition, companies such as Samsung and Lenovo launched their chips into the notebook market for games. "Before, the game fan rode a computer with parts purchased at Santa Iphigenia," says Sakis.
In practice. That is to say that, despite the innovations, many of these devices reach the market with high price, which will not make them candidates for "selling". Nevertheless, high standard computers have their importance to the industry. In addition to the higher profit margin, they show the "strength of the brands", attracting consumers to other lower-value-added products.
It is important to note, however, that often the promises made at the fairs may not play when you get to the shelves. However, what we saw in recent days in Las Vegas shows that the market is far from dead. "The PC had lost the glamour," says Sakis. "But still there is a device that good to produce content."
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