Friday, January 27, 2017

Aché invests in innovation to grow

Aché pharmaceutical laboratories announces that is in a moment of growth. The company, which completed 50 years in 2016, held 27 releases between generics, prescription medications, MIPs and dermacosmetics during the period. "We believe that the most sustainable path for growth through innovation and, for that, we had two major acquisitions: the pharmaceutical Nortis of Londrina (PR), and the chemical-pharmaceutical laboratory Tiaraju, of Rio Grande do Sul", says Paulo Nigro, President of the company, in an exclusive interview to Cute News Portal. According to him, the company should close the year 2016 with a growth of 18%, with net revenues of r $3 billion against R$ 2.4 billion the previous year. "Until 2030, we should double the net revenue of the company every five years," he says. Investment of $500 million in new plant the company announced, in December, the expansion of operations to the Northeast and North through the construction of a factory producing medicines and a Logistics Distribution Center in Pernambuco. With an investment of 500 million R$, the factory will have an area of 250,000 m ² and will be located in the metropolitan region of Recife. "Our expectation is that the distribution center is opened in 2018 and the factory in 2021 and, as soon as the unit is at full steam, the Aché must increase its installed capacity by around 50%, supporting the projected growth for the next 15 years," says Nair. Internationalization in the last quarter of 2016, Aché entered into seven international agreements of out-licensing (Licensing) with companies from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Colombia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Oman and Uruguay. These contracts have expanded the presence of Aché of 12 to 20 countries. "The internationalization of the company strategy is based on taking innovative products for global markets, enabling the financial growth and increased brand reputation overseas," explains the President of the company. In December, the company also announced a collaborative agreement on research and development with the Swiss company Ferring Pharmaceuticals, global reference on biopharmaceutical area. "Through this partnership will be built at the headquarters of Aché in Guarulhos, a lab called Nanotechnology Innovation Laboratory Enterprise (NILE), now in 2017," he concludes. Today, Aché has 50 records out of Brazil, in addition to patents filed in Europe and United States.
Giro News - 26/01/17
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