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January, 2017

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Consumer delinquencies fall 0.41% in December

1/11/2017 - São Paulo – the number of consumers delinquent fell 0.41 percent in December compared with November,

Star mill Invests $10 Mi in Modernization

1/11/2017 - The Star Mill, wheat flour manufacturer of Canoes, celebrates 50 years this Wednesday (11) and annou

Alibaba assumes control of chain Intime for $2.6 bi

1/11/2017 - The trade group online retailer Alibaba will take over the control of the Chinese network of large p

Company invoice with Couscous and toasted coconut gourmet whey in the Bowl

1/11/2017 - The traditional couscous Bahia won, in Niterói (RJ), gourmet versions, gluten free and dairy free. R

PET debut in vodka Sobieski

1/11/2017 - The news reflects a goal for plastic, but hides a track for marketing on a knife edge. Wind power in

Sam Zell and Country unite auto-armazenagem business in Brazil

1/11/2017 - São Paulo – the real estate magnate Sam Zell and country Investments agreed on Wednesday to combine

New habits and protein pull organic market

1/11/2017 - Sao Paulo-the change in eating habits of the population exceeded the economic crisis for the organic

Gillette launches first subscription Club for shaving

1/10/2017 - The P&G brand of razors has just released the Gillette Refill Club, a new model in the form of repur

iPhone for ten years and starred in revolution in mobile platform

1/10/2017 - This Monday (9) celebrate the ten years of release of the iPhone, Apple''s first smartphone. What is

PepsiCo expands Lay''s distribution and production starts in Curitiba

1/10/2017 - After initiating the distribution of Lay''s potato in the South of the country, the PepsiCo official

Continuous journey of work reduces costs and increases productivity

1/10/2017 - Are 3:00 pm on the clock on a Tuesday. Thousands of people begin to get out of a building in a neigh

Amazon launches new own-brand foods

1/10/2017 - After causing an uproar in the middle with the opening of retailer Amazon Go, opened in December in

Heat boosts sales of fans and Air conditioners

1/10/2017 - The high temperatures recorded since the beginning of the year overcame the crisis and consumers are

After years of crisis, PCs undergo renovation at CES 2017

1/10/2017 - It was a long and dark winter – but the first flowers finally began to sprout. After at least five y

Fertilizers represented 18.45% of imports lines from Goiás in December 2016

1/10/2017 - The trade balance goiana, in January to December 2016, presented record surplus, even in a year of e

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