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January, 2017

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Cnova Sales Grow 10.7% in 2016

1/13/2017 - The Cnova reported, on Thursday (12), through a statement on his website, that sales of the e-commer

Retailers are betting on economic recovery

1/13/2017 - The credit protection service-SPC Brazil, in partnership with the National Confederation of store ma

Assaí develops greater retail solar power plant in Brazil

1/13/2017 - Taking a step towards energy efficiency, the autorsserviço network atacarejo the flag Assaí, Grupo P

ECommerce paulista disappoints in 2016

1/13/2017 - The e-commerce billing paulista reached its worst level in the third quarter of 2016, according to a

Poorer hygiene items for sale in pharmacies is worsening at the end of 2016

1/12/2017 - The slowing of sales of products of hygiene and beauty in pharmacies worsened in recent months in 20

Footwear exports Rise 4% in 2016

1/12/2017 - According to the Brazilian footwear industries Association (Abicalçados), the footwear sector closed

CADE authorizes transfer of the brand the Lysoform Bombril to Johnson Wax

1/12/2017 - São Paulo – the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) recommends the adoption, without

Mineral water grows 28% in summer

1/12/2017 - The estimate is that the category move R$ 176 million every month from the station Recommended expo

Malls invest in holiday attractions, but conversion is still challenge

1/12/2017 - São Paulo-After a year in which the flow of visitors in the malls retreated 3.48 percent, the shoppi

E-commerce billing falls 6.6%

1/12/2017 - São Paulo-After record high in the second quarter of 2016, the Commerce of the State of São Paulo re

Hotels want to attract small investors to condo-hotel model

1/12/2017 - São Paulo-With the close proximity of the model regulations condo-hotel, the hotel industry hopes to

Service sector grows 0.1% in November

1/12/2017 - The volume of the service sector of Brazil grew 0,1% compared to October and had 4,6% drop in compar

Fruits and vegetables Creates products and Snacks for the summer

1/11/2017 - The Grocery network launches new products and snacks for the summer, they are: "Wrap Sensation" made

Sales in hyper and supermarkets grew 0.9%

1/11/2017 - Sales in hyper and supermarkets rose 0.9% in November 2016, compared to October of the same year. Th

Sale of Fans Grows 170% in Extra

1/11/2017 - The supermarket chain Extra announces that, from 22 December to 5 January 2016 and 2017, the sale of

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