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January, 2017

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Generation Y Leads Payments by check

1/17/2017 - According to the TeleCheque survey, Personal service, generation Y (composed of young people from 21

Even after four years in the country, Amazon moves forward with caution

1/17/2017 - "We''re in no rush," says Alex Szapiro, General Manager of Amazon in Brazil since the arrival of the

Oven of Mines plans to grow before issuing shares

1/17/2017 - The Oven, frozen food manufacturer, will wait longer to make its initial public offering (IPO) of sh

Jack Daniel''s launches its own coffee (with whisky aroma, of course)

1/16/2017 - São Paulo – if you like whiskey and is a fan of the American brand Jack Daniel''s, maybe it''s time

JBS prioritizes higher margin and exclusivity with retailers

1/16/2017 - The fridge JBS wants to expand exclusivity agreements with supermarkets and prioritize the most expe

Medicine and health plans are among prices that pushed inflation more in 2016

1/16/2017 - The prices of medicines and health plans have risen above inflation in 2016 and are among the conten

January starts weak to fashion retail

1/16/2017 - The fashion retailers that closed December 2016 with 10.9% drop in sales compared to the same month

Groceries rise 3.6% in one year

1/16/2017 - Retraction in consumption last year in Brazil caused the Ceagesp index, which measures the change in

Coffee exports Should remain Stable

1/16/2017 - According to the Council''s estimate of Brazil''s coffee Exporters (Cecafé), exports of green coffee

84000 wins new broadband access

1/16/2017 - São Paulo-84000 were recorded new broadband access last November, reported the National Telecommunic

Trends in retail can generate demand for warehouses

1/16/2017 - Sao Paulo-the retail industry, wholesale, consumer goods players should be the main applicants for i

Pringles launches '' crisp '' without potatoes

1/13/2017 - LONDON-the traditional cylindrical packaging of Pringles potato chips without also bring now in the

Fixed broadband can have data franchise in 2017, says Kassab

1/13/2017 - The franchise model of data in fixed broadband can become a reality in 2017, said Minister of scienc

Computer sales still exceed those of smartphones

1/13/2017 - Smartphones have shown steady growth in year over year comparison in traffic and revenue. However, t

Natura Extends Distribution of the line am

1/13/2017 - Natura extends the distribution of the line I am with arrival at Pacheco Drugstore networks and Sao

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