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January, 2017

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Owner of the Lucky Strike buy Reynolds for $49.4 bi

1/18/2017 - London-British American Tobacco (BAT) has agreed to raise the offer to $49.4 billion to take full co

Bookstores and retailers close 2016 in red

1/18/2017 - The Brazilian retail market closed in the Red even 2016 with a recovery in the last two months of th

Uber announces investment of 200 million and open in R$ SP

1/18/2017 - The Uber, main company transport application in the country, announced on Tuesday an investment of 2

Augmented reality is the future of networks, says Director of Facebook

1/18/2017 - Facebook data in Brazil and in the world show that the future of the consumption of information in s

Fixed broadband limited can affect GDP

1/18/2017 - If the fixed broadband internet was limited, with an excess of 15 MB it would be possible to watch u

Search for school supplies has already started

1/18/2017 - There is still almost a month to the start of classes, but demand for school supplies is already int

Consumer demand for credit grew 3.7% in 2016

1/18/2017 - Sao Paulo-the consumer credit demand rose 3.7% in 2016, 2015, according to Serasa Experian. Despite

Brazilian retail 4.8% Retracts in 2016

1/18/2017 - According to data from the Index Expanded retail Cielo (ICVA), the Brazilian retail trade turnover f

ExxonMobil announces purchase of companies in Texas

1/18/2017 - ExxonMobil will double its production capacity in the Permian Basin in Texas, United States, for a t

Lufthansa and Etihad airlines negotiate merger, says paper

1/18/2017 - Milan (Reuters)-Germany''s Lufthansa and Etihad Airways are negotiating a possible merger, published

Coca-Cola raises investment to $3 bi in Brazil in 2017

1/17/2017 - São Paulo – Coca-Cola will increase investment in Brazil this year on a strategy of expanding the di

Luxotica and Essilor announce merger of 46 billion euros in glasses

1/17/2017 - MILAN/PARIS-the Italian Luxottica and Essilor hit French merger agreement of 46 billion euros that w

73% of Brazilians will do price research to buy school supplies

1/17/2017 - Most Brazilians must pay cash purchases of school supplies this year. That''s what points lifting of

Turnover of wholesalers falls 2.7% in November

1/17/2017 - The fall of billing of wholesalers and distributors worsened in the second half of 2016. That''s not

Drop in beer consumption affects Kirin''s sales in 2016

1/17/2017 - The Japanese Kirin Group, owner of brands such as Debauched and Schin, reported a fall of 5.5% in sa

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