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January, 2017

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Mobile base in Brazil lose 13 million lines in 2016

1/20/2017 - São Paulo – Brazil 2016 ended with loss of 13 million mobile phone lines, going on retreat at the ba

Brazil helps raise the gain Carrefour

1/20/2017 - Sao Paulo-the French retail group Carrefour said yesterday (19) which registered sales of 23.37 bill

Small virtual retailer starring Brazilian e-commerce trends

1/20/2017 - Sao Paulo-the growth of marketplaces, the participation of mobile devices in sales and the decentral

Heineken confirms that negotiates purchase of the owner of the Schin in Brazil

1/20/2017 - São Paulo – the Dutch Heineken confirmed on Friday that it is negotiating a possible "transaction on

Toshiba prepares to sell stake in unit of chips

1/20/2017 - Tokyo-the Japanese Toshiba began preparations to sell a minority stake in its chip business, said pe

SP ends with exemption from VAT of meat

1/19/2017 - The meat sold at retail in the State of São Paulo, the country''s main consumer market, should be mo

Win burgers reinterpretations

1/19/2017 - When speaking of the gastronomic preferences of the Brazilian, the burger is one of the first items

ANAC readjusts boarding fees at airports

1/19/2017 - The National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) announced on Wednesday a readjustment of the tariff ceilin

4 g speed improves in the country, but it''s still signal problem

1/19/2017 - The brazilian''s fastest mobile internet – at least so says a new study by OpenSignal, consulting th

The factory will produce bacterial insecticide against Aedes aegypti

1/19/2017 - The BR3, chemical and biological technologies company, will invest 20 million R$ in a factory in Tau

Minerva Foods cancels purchase of Stresses

1/19/2017 - Minerva Foods announced on Tuesday (17/1) the termination of the contract of purchase of the refrige

Brazilians want to buy less at the beginning of 2017, says CNC

1/19/2017 - RIO-Brazilian consumers remain less likely to shop at the beginning of year. The intention of househ

Survey reveals habits in Supermarket

1/19/2017 - The Agency 96, specializing in live marketing, released the results of the research "Shopper, superm

Errata report "Pringles launches '' crisp '' without potatoes"

1/19/2017 - LONDON-the traditional cylindrical packaging of Pringles potato chips without also bring now in the

World Tourism grew 4% in 2016

1/18/2017 - The number of tourists increased 4% in terms of worldwide in 2016, totaling 1.2 billion people, than

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