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January, 2017

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Holy Beer launches mini truck to sell beer in bar '' delivery ''

1/26/2017 - The idea of a travelling bar seems to have been the engine for the creation of the Mini Truck, the n

After growing up 34% last year, Mr. Cheney predicts 30 new operations in 2017

1/26/2017 - After seeing sales grow 34% in 2016, 2015, the franchise network Mr. Cheney already making plans for

Bet on industry niches for food allergic and intolerant

1/26/2017 - Sao Paulo-The health food market, disputed whose revenue already exceeds the 93 billion R$, companie

Novartis designs maintenance sales by 2017

1/26/2017 - Sao Paulo-the Novartis hopes to keep in 2017 the same overall performance, in terms of sales, regist

Food for pets see migration to cheaper products

1/26/2017 - Sao Paulo-the year of 2017 must be very similar to the latter for food manufacturers to small animal

Bombril Value Trade

1/26/2017 - After changes in its management, in 2016 the company back on a growth path in Brazil. One of the mai

Vegetable drinks: investment in Category Generates High Profitability

1/26/2017 - According to Euromonitor, the segment of vegetable drinks made in Brazil milhões R$56 in 2015, inclu

Sale of white line drops for fourth straight year

1/24/2017 - Sales of stoves, refrigerators, washers for industry trade gave reverse last year and fell for the f

'' To grow, we stopped talking in economic crisis '', says President of Avon

1/24/2017 - After several difficult years, with constant falls in sales that resulted in the sale of control of

McDonald''s idea of serving breakfast loses strength

1/24/2017 - (Bloomberg)--the initiative to serve breakfast all day is losing its character of novelty at McDonal

Index of stocks in trade in SP decreases in January

1/24/2017 - São Paulo – the retail trade in the metropolitan region of São Paulo began with stocks above the app

Insecticides were the Belle of the ball

1/24/2017 - The Yearbook of 2016 ABIPLA (Brazilian Association of industries of cleanser and the like), released

Maniacs Brewing Co. develops packaging for freezing beer

1/24/2017 - a package that, in addition to transporting the beer cans, can be used to cool them. The Cooler Box

New cards offer cash back instead of airline miles

1/24/2017 - Newcomers on the market of business credit cards have betted on a different approach to their loyalt

Hygiene sector and care for babies made 5.7 billion R$

1/24/2017 - According to research firm Euromonitor strategic, hygiene and body care for babies has increased fro

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