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January, 2017

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Well mark adheres to Tin slim format

1/6/2017 - After the traditional individual carton packaging, good opted for aluminum cans to throw the first l

News on Europe: oil in box

1/6/2017 - After the cans, plastic and glass bottles, oils begin to be filled in aseptic carton packs. The news

Brazilian Exchange favorite brand of cleaning products for lower price

1/5/2017 - In 2016, eight out of ten consumers have traded the cleaning product used to use for lower priced br

AmBev diversifies flavors and packaging

1/5/2017 - After 1 2016, Ambev gets to 2017 with prospects of improvement in performance, with the somewhat mor

Food manufacturers expands distribution

1/5/2017 - The ZDA Group, specialized in the production of candies, chocolates, snacks and dairy products, ende

The basic basket cost rises in all capitals in 2016

1/5/2017 - SAO PAULO-the cost of the basic basket, measured by the Inter-Union Department of statistics and soc

Coca-Cola redesigns packaging

1/5/2017 - The first news from Coca-Cola to 2017 are its new cans and bottles pets. In the new packaging of the

Holiday help tourism, but travel agencies fear days of closed shop

1/5/2017 - São Paulo-different from retail, which estimates losses of $1 billion in earnings in the light of th

BRF starts subsidiary operations focused in the Muslim market

1/5/2017 - São Paulo – the food multinational BRF reported on Wednesday that began this week OneFoods''s operat

Search-Wholesale Sector back to Generate jobs in SP

1/4/2017 - The wholesale trade in the State of São Paulo has generated 357 jobs with officially registered in O

Suspended distribution-Hypermarcas Collects lots of medicines

1/4/2017 - Second pulicado release this Tuesday (03) in the Official Gazette, the Brainfarma, the Group Hyperma

Investments-Domino''s Pizza Provides Open 40 stores in 2017

1/4/2017 - The network, controlled by the Wheat Group, announces that in 2017 will direct investments in techno

Insufficient volume-sugar prices should remain High in Brazil

1/4/2017 - According to the Center for advanced studies in applied economics (Cepea), crystal sugar prices in t

With cheaper products, Starbucks wants to triple number of stores in the country

1/4/2017 - With a business that corresponds today to only 0.4% of global, Starbucks in Brazil plans to expand a

Procon-SP points difference in price of over 450% in school items

1/4/2017 - SAO PAULO-a survey on prices of school supplies made by the Procon of Sao Paulo (Procon) found a pri

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