Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vodka Vorus Verallia in the search for bottle uses market differentiator

The decades-long partnership between the Salton Winery and the Verallia wins another chapter. In the new vodka Vorus, the winery has bet on trust established over the years with the Verallia for the creation of a single package, able to highlight premium profile of the drink.
The shoulder off the 1 litre bottle refers to the robustness that permeates the whole concept of product creation, designed based on Scandinavian culture, primarily in epic stories of the vikings, marked by conquests, battles and demonstrations of courage and honor. The name itself comes from a variation of Vorus Word vörös, originated the term véres, meaning blood.
According to Luciana Salton, Executive Director of the winery, there was also the need of the packaging clearly show the highest degree of purity of a vodka distilled four times. "That''s why we chose a transparent bottle," he explains. She also stresses the beauty and elegance of the new package. "These characteristics through to the consumer all the refinement of a premium drink as to vodka Vorus," he says.
Catherine Perez, supervisor of Marketing Verallia, highlights the importance of developing unique products. "This type of packaging guarantees huge competitive differentiator to customers, able to make their product more appealing on the shelves," he says. According to her, the sum of a modern and innovative packaging with a different drink is the perfect combination to win market share. "We are very happy to contribute to the success of our customers," he says.
Vodka can be found throughout Brazil in two versions: the traditional Vorus Red Berries, infused with a red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, Blueberry and BlackBerry.
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