Monday, August 29, 2016

Elephant marks and do recall Pomarola extract and tomato sauce

Cargill Agrícola s.a. initiated a recall to collect 3 market lots of extract and tomato sauce and Elephant brands that were banned by Pomarola national health surveillance Agency (Anvisa) after a report finds by the rodent above the maximum limit tolerated by the law.
In a statement published in newspapers and on its website, Cargill makes a call to consumers who own those lots products contact customer service by phone at 0800-6480808 to schedule its replacement, free of charge. The call, however, does not tell the reason. Says just being given the determination of Anvisa.
Sought for the G1, Cargill has not reported until the last update of this report the quantity of products involved in the recall.
"Cargill ensures that these products do not offer any risks to the health of consumers and reiterates its commitment to the fulfilment of all standards of food safety and hygiene standards," said the company in a press release.
Check out the lots affected by the recall
The recall involves the following lots:
-Plot L011810 of the tomato extract, Elephant brand, packaging can of 340 grams, with validity 10/7/2016
-Plot L032502 of the tomato extract, Elephant brand, packaging sachet of 190 grams, with validity 8/18/2017
-Batch 030903 of traditional tomato sauce, Pomarola, branded packaging sachet of 340 grams, with validity 8/31/2017
The Anvisa decision banning the sale and distribution of lots throughout the country was published in the "Official Gazette" on July 28.
The limits for the presence of macroscopic and microscopic foreign matters in food and beverages, "including tolerance limits for rodents and insects, were defined by Anvisa resolution of 28 March 2014.
For by fragments of rodent, the established tolerance limit is 1:00 pm 100 g tomato products.
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