Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yakult wants to increase sales by 10%

Eishin Shimada, Chief Executive Officer of the manufacturer in Brazil, reported this morning (20/7) to press the Yakult of Brazil has invested around 60,000,000 in new R$ Yakult 40 light.
According to Shimada, the value involves R$ 10,000,000 in new ad campaign, which airs today on TV open and closed. The others were 50,000,000 R$ directed to construction of a new factory in Lorraine, in São Paulo.
The main channel for the sale of the drink remains the door-to-door. "Represents 60% of sales today. The food stays with 20% self-service and traditional retailers with the other 20% ", confirms Shimada.
Fewer calories and more Lactobacillus the Yakult 40 light has 41% fewer calories compared to the traditional version. The new product doesn''t take sugar and Yes sucralose. The item also features the unique probiotic microorganism Lactobacillus casei Shirota. There are 40 billion Lactobacillus against 16 billion of Yakult.
With the lançamentot, the manufacturer wants to meet the adult audience of busy life that seeks more quality of life and a power supply with calorie restrictions.
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