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July, 2016

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GPA launches partnership with small business and retail of proximity

7/29/2016 - The GPA is launching the brand Allies CompreBem, which can be used by small independent retailers. T

COOP expects to raise 8.5% sales on father''s day

7/29/2016 - Until August 14, Coop-Consumer Cooperative carries out the father''s Day Campaign to spur sales on t

Social networks are the main channel of sales conversion

7/29/2016 - Having a page on the social network has been an essential tool for sales in e-commerce companies. A

Brazilian orange juice exports fell in July

7/29/2016 - According to the Ministry of industry, Trade and services, in July, until the fourth week, the Brazi

Anvisa prohibits sale of extract and tomato sauce with the rodent

7/29/2016 - The national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) banned the sale and distribution throughout the cou

C&A Initiates actions to parents '' day

7/29/2016 - The C&A debuted a new advertising film, celebrating the connection between parents and children. Tit

Dolce Gusto develops capsule holder 100% recycled

7/29/2016 - The capsules of Nescafé Dolce Gusto discarded by consumers in the collection points will serve as ra

Hershey reverses loss and ends second quarter profit

7/29/2016 - Hershey, American chocolate manufacturer, ended the second quarter with net income of $ 145,900,000,

Colgate-Palmolive has greater profit and lower sales in the second quarter

7/29/2016 - Colgate-Palmolive recorded in the second quarter of this year net profit of $ 600,000,000, 4.53% gai

Olympics should rise by up to 20% gains of paulistanos

7/29/2016 - As one of the 5 cities--the Olympics, São Paulo can feel high up to 20% in sales of bars and restaur

Bad exposure makes retail chicken sales lost

7/28/2016 - The category of frozen chicken and cold is mature and has good penetration into the stores, is nothi

Visual gourmet and healthy

7/28/2016 - The Superbom launches the first brazilian vegan cream cheese, Vegan Cream Cheese Superbom.

Brazil and Mexico sign an agreement to protect mutual rum and tequila

7/28/2016 - The Brazil has signed an agreement with Mexico to recognize the rum and tequila as distinctive produ

More expensive remedies stimulate growth Hypermarcas

7/28/2016 - Sao Paulo-the largest part of the growth of 11.4% in revenue Hypermarcas came from the price increas

The ice cream sector bet in change in consumption

7/28/2016 - To reverse the crisis scenario and grow back, the ice cream sector bet for consumption outside of th

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