Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sale of antiseptic mouth increased 4.6%

The Brazil is one of the countries that value the health and aesthetics. The oral hygiene market is the third largest in the world. Is behind only the USA and China. Among the fastest-growing categories, is the antiseptic mouthwash. Just last year moved R$ 368.4 million, a 4.6% on 2014, according to manufacturer J&J.
The main shoppers of rinses are women – they represent 66% of sales-, between the ages of 30 to 49 years. Class B is the largest consumer of the product. Accounts for 60% of purchases. The average frequency of purchases is once a month. Every trip to the store, a package is purchased. According to the J&J, the shopper decision criteria at the time of acquiring oral antiseptic are brands, benefits (such as bleaching and treatment for sensitivity), price and flavor.
The manufacturer recommends exposing oral hygiene products next to items for the bathroom. The antiseptic should open the exhibition, followed by wire, brushes and toothpastes. Within the tags, the Organization of the SKUs should start for those with more benefits and end with the most basic. The J&J guides still adapt the number of fronts to turn of antiseptics.
Remember, the product is not part of the shopper''s shopping list. Because of this, it is interesting to perform exhibition married to categories like soaps and toothpastes. The idea is to remind consumers of the need to purchase the mouthwash.
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