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June, 2016

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China will approve purchase of SABMiller for ABInBev, say sources

6/9/2016 - The purchase of Anheuser-Busch InBev SABMiller, transaction of more than $ 100 billion, is about to

St. Martin''s profit fell 32% in

6/8/2016 - The strategy of concentrating the ethanol sales in the second half of the crop-coupled with good tim

BRF stops slaughter of birds and decreases production of margarine

6/8/2016 - Sao Paulo-the BRF reported that will temporarily paralyze activities in units of Jataí (Goiás) and L

Drop in concern consumption sector

6/8/2016 - The increase in inflation indexes, which erodes the purchasing power of consumers, has gradually aff

Aché sets strategy for growing in dermatology

6/8/2016 - With the ambitious goal of placing among the top three laboratories in dermatology of the country, A

Elma Chips throws popcorn ready Cheetos

6/8/2016 - The Chips launched its first line of popcorn ready with the brand name Cheetos, cheese and caramel f

PIF Paf invests R $ 29 mi in frozen for party

6/8/2016 - The Pif Paf mining – processing of poultry, pigs, pasta and vegetables – will invest in a line of fr

Samy, the JBS, launches digital platform on chicken in Brazil

6/8/2016 - The harvest, a trademark of JBS, launched a platform for information about chicken. Similar with the

Super Muffato Provides High sales of Wines

6/8/2016 - The Super Muffato estimates a 30% growth in sales of wines this winter with respect to the same peri

Back up 8.3% Trade activity in 12 Months

6/8/2016 - According to Serasa Experian Indicator of Trade activity, the movement of consumers in stores across

For Lactalis ever fight for the lead in cheese

6/7/2016 - Since coming to Brazil in August 2013, the French for Lactalis gave clear signs that had big ambitio

Direct selling machines go beyond soda with chips

6/7/2016 - Direct selling machines have the potential to move more than the nearly $ 1 billion that should gene

JBS appoints Russ Colaco as CFO of JBS Foods International

6/7/2016 - São Paulo-JBS reported that Russ Colaco was appointed Vice President of JBS Foods International, new

EBay buys Axado for $ 26 mi and advances in logistics

6/7/2016 - Sao Paulo-the Ebay has just announced the purchase of the Axado partner for 26 million reais. The

Production falls 15.9% in April

6/7/2016 - The production of consumer electronics retreated 15.9% in April compared with the same month of 2015

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