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Supermarkets will have to innovate to return to attract customers

São Paulo-front of the retraction in the volume of sales of hypermarkets, when compared with other supermarket formats, retailers in the business will need to reinvent itself. An eye on resumption of consumption, the trend is that this format of operation need to resemble more at department stores and minisshoppings an eye at a time when the economy improve.
Proof of loss of charisma of this sales channel with customers is that 19 of the 20 largest networks working with hypermarkets in the country saw revenue per square metre for their units retreat last year, compared to the previous year. "When the supermarkets arrived in Brazil, we were at another juncture, with an inflationary environment very persistent. This made them gain space for attractive price. At the time it was common that the families had made purchases for the whole month and not just for a few days, as is more common today, "explains the Economic Advisor to the Federation of trade in goods, services and tourism of the State of São Paulo (FecomercioSP), Vitor France.
With that, the flow of customers has also fallen together with cost benefit offered by this model in retail. A study by the consultancy Kantar Worldpanel: consumer, for example, found that, between 2014 and 2015, hypermarkets lost 5 percentage points in market share compared to other sales channels.
According to retail experts consulted by DCI, to reverse this scenario, the trend is that the current hyper units will offer a range of services and increasing the items that would transform these places into small shopping centers or even in Department, how retailers are known stores that sell products of different segments, such as electronics , clothing, decoration, furniture and toys. In Brazil, the Havan has this format and, in consolidated markets, like the American, the retailers Target and Costco are also references.
Wholesale and vicinity
For France, the consumer has slowed its trips to the supermarket by lack of time and convenience of smaller supermarkets and closest to your residence. "The issue of mobility is today a decisive factor in the choice of the customer. In the search for the most competitive prices, he has shown preference for the wholesale channel, "says France.
The change of habit, in recent years, reduced participation of food sales revenue of hypermarkets. For some time, the fall was compensated with high sales of items such as clothing, appliances and electronics.
However, with the arrival of economic instability and the drop in sales of these items, the channel felt the impact of the loss of revenue.
"They have lost sales to the attacked by a cyclical issue. When the heat market, sales of consumer goods with higher added value will be strong in business accounts. For that, they need to work to make that happen naturally, "indicates the Fecomercio Advisor.
Adaptation to the crisis
In an effort to adapt to the economic scenario, the largest supermarket networks began a process of review of the flags. The Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA), for example, converted two Extra units for the flag Assai, which has excelled. In addition, the opening of the Market and Mini flag Extra Minute Sugarloaf meet the demands of consumers who seek more convenience shopping.
In Carrefour, Carrefour Express banner also enters the fray by the consumer. Wholesale, Atacadão won more attention from the French fill the demand for self-catering.
And the future?
With the prospect that the crisis will pass, now is the time for retailers to rethink their operations of hypermarkets. Among the tips of analysts and consultants ears by DCI, raise the mix and the services and products is trend. "The output to attract the client back is this: make him seek more essential items in the hyper," says the head of the consultancy Gouvea de Souza & AGR consultants, Alexander Van Beeck.
The expert says that you have to invest in technology, in addition to reinforcing the idea that he will have an experience beyond shopping. "The services help monetize the business, but that''s not enough. It is necessary to attract the client with innovations beyond what is done today in Brazil. In French and American supermarkets, for example, you can find a multitude of options to assist you and help you to save time. "
According to him, this innovation can give through mobile payment solutions, touch screens and other tools.
"However, it is recommended that the company analyze the profile of consumers that is inside the store, if it is opened to this interactivity or and is more traditional. You can''t do by doing, "he points out.
In a step in that direction, the Carrefour should open later this year a supermarket that has profile in line with a mall. With five floors, the venture will house a retail unit with 6 1000 square meters, 60 shops, restaurants and gym.
According to the company, the new space will have a concept unheard of and the hypermarket will work with focus in the area of perishable foods, which have specialized care.
New concept
Last Wednesday (18), Condor opened in para Joinville (SC), a hypermarket with over 36 1000 square meters and that required an investment of 50 million R$.
According to the President of the Condor, Pedro Kelvinbanwell Zonta, the forecast is to meet more than 100 1000 customers per month on new major operation, which will also feature with 61 shops, kiosks, 18 plus a food court with eight restaurants confirmed.
"Joinville is the third largest and richest city in the South of Brazil, with a GDP of more than 21.9 billion R$, which demonstrates the great potential of the municipality" Zonta, noting that services also will be aggregated in the major operation.
To the supermarket, retail expert consulting partner BA Stockler, Angelina Stockler, high investment in Santa Catarina unit of the Condor has been held after market research that identified the need for an undertaking of this size in the city.
"They should have planned this investment back in a more favourable economic time. But that does not mean that the model is exhausted. The supermarket chains and hypermarkets must be like chameleons and adapt to consumer needs all the time, "recommends.
As well as the partner of the consultancy Gouvêa de Souza, Stockler also guides a large bet on shopping experience. "The consumer is boss. We have to monitor it always. At the moment, I believe that to ensure a positive experience in purchasing, technologies or personalized service, must be priority for small and large networks ", complements the consultant.
DCI - 20/05/16
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