Friday, May 06, 2016

Salmon suffers from high price and lack of Product

With constant high prices and short supply for importation of salmon in the Brazil situation should get back to normal in three or four months, in price and volume imported, as informed Luis Navarro, Chief Executive Officer of the company of fish Marcomar, in an exclusive interview to Cute News Portal. The issue has been handled since last year, due to structural problems in Chile, responsible for up to 90% of the supply of salmon for Brazil, besides, of course, triggered the dollar. The main fight is for the price. "In January, we pay $ 5.10 in the kilo of salmon. Now in April, i.e. just three months later, we had to pay $ 8.10, "said the Executive.
External Problems
One of the causes of the high price, according to Luis, in addition to structural changes established by the Chilean Government, were climate change, after the El Niño, Pacific waters have warmed up by as much as two degrees, which led to the loss of about 30% of the fish. Another question raised by Navarro was entry into the Chilean product in Russia, which reaches 70% to pay 80% more expensive on the same kilo of salmon. "In Brazil, we''re fighting for the price, mainly because of our economic situation. Now, if Russia agrees to pay more, why would they sell it to us for less ". The forecast for normalisation of the market was made by the Director of the Marcomar, which has 74% of its business back to the food service.
Giro News - 05/05/2016
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