Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother Earth Announces strategies to Grow

The concept of Healthfulness is a trend that, according to Alexandre Borges, Director General of mother earth is here to stay. "It''s not a fad. Is a segment that will keep growing. The challenge is to continue making products that are healthy for real, they deliver taste and have an affordable price, "said the Executive in an interview with Rotating News Portal. On that basis, the company specializes in natural and organic products is estimated for the year 2016 1 growth above 30% compared to a growth of 20% expected by the market. Last year, the mother earth pointed 25% growth, compared to 15% in the sector.
To reach the goal, the company presented two major releases this year marking the entry of the mark in new segments: the line Beautiful Gil and infant cereal Zooreta, debuting in the categories of tapioca, cereal and cake batter. To work your products at the POS, the mark bet on a concept of "healthy corner" to explore and focus on the category of Healthfulness. "When retailers understand that it needs to have a focused area, the sale increases too. The consumer believes that the retailer has a concept with a minimum assortment of products ", he adds. In addition to the releases, mother earth is preparing for the arrival in another new category until February 2017, not still publicised by the company.
Expansion of channels
With stronger performance in self-service channels (85%), the bet of the network to maintain this growth is in the entry into the Wholesale Cash and Carry, where you want to increase & in 20% its activities until the end of 2017. "We''re in some players, like Sams Club, for example, in addition to negotiating with several others. Retailers understand that our category is no longer low spin, to become high spin with margin. That''s the big change of concept in head of retailer, "he explains. In addition, the mother earth aims to increase its activities in pharmacies, bakeries and convenience stores, which requires a study of mix for each channel, second Alexander.
Giro News - 10/05/16
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