Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Merger between Dell and EMC can dictate the paths of cloud computing

Las Vegas-near its conclusion, the suppliers of EMC technology and Dell will create the largest conglomerate in the world in providing technology for cloud and data center and should press the industry to the extent that the new converged solutions of the company hit the market.
The new company, which will act under the brand Dell Technologies is the result of a trend that already encompasses all major suppliers: tailor products and services to the new technological wave that "shook" the sector: cloud computing and the growing relevance of the data in the business models.
Ceo and founder of Dell and future Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell has the Technologies, concern for EMC''s global Congress, held in the American city of Las Vegas. According to him, dealing with the ever-increasing amount of data generated from various devices is "the challenge of our generation" and the main factor for the Union between the two companies-it is worth remembering that the main business of EMC is providing technology for storage, or storage of data.
The perspective presented by Dell believes that, in 2031, the number of objects connected to the network-be they computers, cell phones, cars or appliances-must beat the 200 billion against the approximately 25 billion, generating an active "so valuable that becomes hard to even understand what is possible to do".
According to Dell, the so-called "third industrial revolution" generated by the internet of things will significantly impact the data center market-which will be based in the cloud and therefore cheaper. The expectation of the CEO of Dell is that in 2031, the storage capacity must be 1000 times larger than seen today.
There are still questions about how the merger between EMC and Dell will affect the Brazilian consumer, but the trend is that entrepreneurs have access to a new range of hiperconvergentes solutions, combining several features in a same equipment-such as some products added to Dell''s portfolio at the end of April.
It is worth remembering that Michael Dell is a leader company in the Brazilian market of PCs, with about 18.4 percent of the market share for the final consumer and 27% of the corporate market. Still, the company''s sales channels and EMC must undergo a redesign in the country, as well as the staff of the two companies. At the beginning of the year, 60 employees of Dell factory in Hortolândia (SP) were dismissed, which, according to the company, did for the economy.
Once completed the $ 67 billion deal announced last October, Dell Technologies-that will follow as Dell EMC in storage-will take about 18% of global market share for the supply of infrastructure for data centers and cloud.
Until the merger occurs permanently (which still depends on according to EMC shareholders) the leader of the segment is still the HP, with 15.7 percent of the market. For Michael Dell, however, the biggest rival took distinct path. "HP split the edge [the offer of new services] core [a traditional offer]. That means reducing investments. We''re going in the opposite direction to combine our assets with EMC, linking resources to the next industrial revolution, "said, in reference to the break-up of HP in two different companies. /O reporter traveled the invitation from EMC
DCI - 04/05/2016
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