Thursday, May 05, 2016

Lolly Baby announces new plant in Capivari

Campinas-Lolly Baby, one of the three largest companies in the Country in the sector of plastic products, from zero to 4 years of age, with headquarters in Peachtree City and there''s 26-year history, announced that in June inaugurates its new plant in the industrial district of the city, on the shores of Highway Journalist Francisco Aguirre Proença (SP-101). The company produces baby bottles, pacifiers, bottles, spare nozzle accessories like small brush to clean bottle, pacifier holder, SOAP dish, cutlery, plates, cups, all in plastic line. Employs 200 employees and other indirect 70 through outsourcing and sales representatives throughout Brazil. Even with the crisis affecting the country, the President of Lolly, Nélio Loatti, said the company fired employees. "We dodged fire as much as possible. What we did during the tense late last year and early this year, was no longer reset the position of who left for a better job. But now, since March, with new product launches on the market recontratamos for those vacancies that were open, "he says. Despite the bad scenario, in 2015 the company grew 8% from 2014. For 2016, the prospect is for a growth of 7%. In the first quarter of this year, the company reached a growth higher than the designed in that percentage of 7%. The new land on which to install the new Lolly Baby factory has 90 1000 m ² and 8 1000 m ² of constructed area. The strategic planning of the Lolly Baby is growing five times in number of employees, in built area, in production and in billing for the next 20 years. According to Nélio Loatti, in the last decade the Lolly Baby grew 25 times, so this projection for the next 20 years. "The new headquarters has been designed to be a modern building with recycled water. We invest for the employee to have a hot shower with solar heating. Total accessibility for people with special needs across the enterprise, with adapted bathrooms. We invest in a sewage treatment plant, because unfortunately I do not have sewage in this region. All sewer Lolly will leave after treated with pure water in almost 100% in order to let our environmental impact as small as possible. Produce, but with a lot of responsibility and avoiding any inconvenience to nature and for employees, "he says. The new facility will increase production capacity at 30%. The company''s strategy is to offer quality products that ensure safety, following the strictest standards of technical bodies and competent authorities. With ISO 9001:2008 and products certified by Inmetro, Lolly follows the requirements of Anvisa and since 2010, uses materials free of Bisphenol A in the production of all rows. The company has two water reuse projects. In one of them, the rainwater is stored in two tanks totaling 100 1000 litres of water will be treated and used in all toilets. The other project, such as the shed is too large it becomes a year 2 million litres of water a stream of rain. This water is used to irrigate the slopes not to consume water from City Hall. The idea is that the current factory installed in the Centre of Capivari become a warehouse of products. The President of Lolly Baby, Nélio Loatti, said that the company also felt the drop in sales in this period of crisis, but a recovery of the market is believing and so are launching a new collection of bottles with the 4 major soccer teams in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. "We already have licensing of 4 biggest clubs of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. We are releasing the complete collection with Corinthians, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Santos, Flamengo, Vasco, Botafogo and Fluminense. It''s good for the fans and the team because as we are official licensor, the team receives royalties, so when the fan buys a product Lolly on your team, he helps the Club to have more cash to hire a player, to rephrase, so everybody wins, "he says.
DCI - 05/05/2016
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