Wednesday, May 04, 2016

High Fitness market: niche is target of new investments and the consumer WINS in quality and variety.

According to the Brazilian Association of Food industries (ABIA), the food-away-from-home market grows, on average, 14.7% per year.
That means the consumer has to be even more mindful of who eats not to neglect health and develop potential future problems.
With a focus on providing adequate nutrition of proteins, in addition to providing energy and contribute to the development of lean mass, especially practitioners of physical activities, the Green field – pioneer in Brazil when the subject is LACFREE products – just launched the Natural Whey, yogurt with 14 g of protein and zero sugar, lactose and fat.
In bananas, vanilla and strawberry, the product takes aromas and natural dyes, firming its commitment with the health and consumer satisfaction.
The drink comes in bottles of 250 g, ideal portion to be consumed individually, avoiding disruptions in Buyouts and waste at home.
The packaging design is signed by OBAH Design.
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