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Dairy exports to Russia totalled 2.5 million in 2015 R$

One of the main targets of the effort of the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and food supply (Mapa) to expand exports of dairy products is Russia. In 2015, the industry''s exports to that country totaled US $ 2.5 million. The results of the actions of the Map to increase business with the Russian market in the dairy area were presented during the launch of the system for monitoring the quality of milk (SIMQL), on Tuesday (3), in Brasilia.
The Map also resulted in 26 housing dairy establishments to negotiate with Russia. The expectation is that the SIMQL, developed by Map in partnership with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), contributes to strengthen the country''s relations with the importers of dairy industry markets.
Brazil''s goal is to triple the volume of shipments of dairy products to the countries with the greatest potential for import, as Russia and China. "We are together with the productive sector to enhance their competitiveness," said the Secretary of international relations of agribusiness of the Map, Tatiana Palermo.
In addition to the opening of new markets, another incentive for properties that produce milk was the release of the presumed PIS/COFINS credits.
Second Secretary of Social mobility and the Rural producers and Cooperatives, Tania Garib, in seven months, 40 projects submitted to the program Healthy Milk totaled about 17.8 million in R$ makes and benefited 10,139 1000 producers in the State of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and São Paulo with technical assistance and rural extension.
The program grants to dairy benefits in payment of PIS/Cofins. According to the law 2015/13,137, projects are developed by companies who buy fresh milk and processing for sale, including cooperatives. Companies are entitled to recover 50% of the contribution of 9.25% of PIS/Cofins, since are the equivalent to 5% of these resources to initiatives that promote the improvement of the quality and productivity of producers.
Each dairy produces the rural technical assistance project more suitable to your reality and establishes targets and indicators for monitoring goals, as the tax benefits available through the presumed credits (PIS/Cofins).
The goal of the Map is to invest R$ 387 million until 2019, to promote the rise of 80 1000 producers and improve the competitiveness of Brazilian producers.
Were sent to the Map about of 207 projects, totaling over 90 million R$. The period of duration of the projects is up to three years. Companies interested in sending proposals for analysis may have more information here.
In the States of Goiás, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, 3,620 properties that produce milk are being selected by the Program Healthy Milk for assistance management technique.
The first phase of the programme is being made possible with the transfer of 19.356 R$ million from Map to Senar and Cooperideal Cooperative.
"With this, the properties that produce milk will receive monthly technical assistance for a period of 24 months, in addition to the training courses, in order to improve the management of the property, milk production, deploy best practices and generate greater income to the rural producer," said Tania Garib.
Agrolink - 03/05/2016
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