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Breweries are adapted to the Brazilian''s Pocket

Sao Paulo-the change in consumer habit in the crisis, which leaves less to drink out of the House, has favored the emporiums and kiosks of special beers. To keep the premium products, but at the same time save on purchase, the Brazilians have migrated the bars for consumption within the home.
"The occasion of use changed. Before the consumer was going to drink in the bar with more frequency, today he prefers to join friends and drink at home. But that doesn''t mean he has open hand of quality products, "says founding partner of network Mr. Beer, Fabiano Wohlers.
The beer sommelier and founder of Master franchise, Daniel Wolff, agrees. "Even with the bad scenario people are consuming our products. They can fail to switch cars, apartment, but don''t leave aside these small pleasures, "he says.
The entrepreneur''s optimism is justified. Just look at the financial results of the company to understand the confidence of Wolff in their business. The presented in 2015 407% growth in turnover compared to the previous year, rising from just over $ 1 million to almost $ 7 million. In March of this year turnover rose by 13% in comparison with the month of February, according to Wolff.
Despite the favorable scenario, the stores are being forced to adapt some aspects to the new realities of consumers. Consultants and entrepreneurs point to the increased investment in domestic products as the main change adopted. "With the high-dollar the price of imported rose too, so they have looked more to nationals," said the consultancy partner Francap, André Friedheim.
The brewery and artisanal production of beers school Sinnatrah, located in the capital of São Paulo, claims to have reduced the portfolio of imported goods as a result of the crisis. "The consumers themselves are looking less for these items. We have a long neck that imported with the increase in the dollar rose from r $ 25 to 45 R$. After the addition she has done very little, "says partner of Sinnatrah, Julia Reis.
Changes in the portfolio and the greater demand of Brazilians by courses of homemade beer production ensured that the store had a growth of over 20% in revenue last year, compared with 2014.
For the founder of Brand Beer, consulting firm specializing in the field, Paul Sacheta, stronger bargaining with suppliers is another necessity that arose with the crisis. "To have a more attractive price and raising the interest of the consumer, the stores will have to negotiate with the manufacturers," he said.
For the consolidated networks in Brazil another output is expanding abroad, since the current exchange rate favors the strategy. The, which has 70 units in the Country, is structuring a plan accordingly. According to Wolff until the end of this year she should have a store in the United States and by mid-2017 landed in Belgium.
The two markets have a very big tradition in craft beers and should bring good results for the company, says the Manager. "The increased competition should not be an obstacle, since the model of emporiums and kiosks with wide offer of beers is still news in both countries," he says.
The Mr. Beer, which has 50 stores in Brazil, States that it is a good time to internationalize, but that is not the focus of the company. And, on the contrary, the two other companies, the network presented in 7% retracement in the 2015 fiscal year.
DCI - 04/05/2016
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