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May, 2016

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Import of fertilizers registers an increase of 2% in April

5/12/2016 - The volume of fertilizers imported by Brazil in April increased 2% compared to the previous month.

Nissan will buy 34 percent of Mitsubishi Motors for $ 2.18 bi

5/12/2016 - Tokyo, 12 May 2016 (AFP)-the Japanese automaker Nissan automobile will acquire, through a capital in

Sertanorte shows regionality para through packaging

5/11/2016 - With a focus on taking the whole country products 100% of Pará, Sertanorte has invested in restructu

Mother Earth Announces strategies to Grow

5/11/2016 - The concept of Healthfulness is a trend that, according to Alexandre Borges, Director General of mot

Droga Raia Inaugurates Shops inside SP

5/11/2016 - The Droga Raia has just opened seven stores in the interior of Sao Paulo. The new units of the netwo

Walmart Strengthens Brand in new campaign

5/11/2016 - With the motto Comes, the new campaign reinforces the unique items from the network, the food monito

Force Highlights Several Releases on APAS 2016

5/11/2016 - Against the dairy market, the Force maintains its high sales thanks to investments in innovations an

Café Caboclo Invests in new campaign

5/11/2016 - Café Caboclo invested over the coming months on new radio campaign to get closer to its customers.

Retailer Restoque has R$ 24.2 million loss in first quarter

5/11/2016 - The fashion retailer Restoque, owner of the Le Lis Blanc marks, Dudalina, Bo.bô, John John and Rosa

Beverage market with less sugar will grow 3.6% up to 2020

5/11/2016 - Sao Paulo-the beverage industry keeps on eye on the interests of Brazilians for healthier products,

Succession model led butcher to expand business

5/11/2016 - Sao Paulo-a sequence of succession right carried out led to family business CampCarne, today led by

Change in the special regime of the chemical industry raises tax rates until ...

5/10/2016 - The Government announced changes to the Special Regime of the chemical industry (Reiq) with increase

Verdemar innovates and launches the first growler station of Latin America

5/10/2016 - The mineira Verdemar innovates and launches the first growler station of Latin America. Consists of

The 50 most valuable beauty brands in the world according to Brand Finance

5/10/2016 - British consultancy Brand Finance, specializing in the valuation of brands, unveiled its ranking wit

Profit of 98.7% collapses in Retail Via Q1

5/10/2016 - Via retail, trading network appliances and furniture of the Pão de Açúcar group, announced this Mond

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