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May, 2016

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Retail sales fall 10.9%, the worst result since 2007

5/24/2016 - São Paulo-registered retail sales fall 10.9% real in April compared with the same month of 2015, acc

Bayer Presents offer for acquisition of Monsanto

5/24/2016 - Bayer announced publicly that made a cash offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common

Abic Invests in National Coffee Day

5/24/2016 - The Abic (Brazilian coffee industry Association) celebrates National Coffee day with two novelties:

Brazilian industry presents world innovation after 10 years of research: is t...

5/24/2016 - Is a mistake to think that innovation is not part of the everyday life of the brazilian industry. Un

Coca-Cola may disrupt production in Venezuela

5/23/2016 - Mexican Coca-Cola Femsa (KOF), the largest bottler of Coca-Cola soft drinks in the world, warned on

CADE analyzes Nestlé offer to end the dispute by buying the Kid

5/23/2016 - The Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) announced on Friday (20) that will reopen neg

Guaraná Jesus Expands Its Distribution

5/23/2016 - Marketed in Maranhão, the brand of soft drink Guaraná Jesus, of Coca-Cola, announced the expansion i

Henkel Presents Good Quarterly Performance

5/23/2016 - Henkel announced its performance for the first quarter of 2016, where registered organic increase in

Ments back to Media Campaign

5/23/2016 - The brand is back on the media with the new slogan: "Who says no to Mentos?". The new position, anno

Crisis does not inhibit expansion in food retail

5/23/2016 - Since last year, the openings keep the breath, even with the pile-up of projects. In 2015 has been r

Anvisa extends deadline for adequacy of labels on cosmetics for children

5/23/2016 - Anvisa (national health surveillance Agency) lays down a period of six months – from April 27 of thi

Consumer electronics manufacturers want to re-invest in 2017

5/23/2016 - According to Abinee (Brazilian Association of electrical and Electronics Industry), most consumer el

Sales soar with low temperature in Pão de Açúcar and Extra networks

5/23/2016 - With the autumn look of autumn and winter on the way, sugar loaf and Extra recorded increased sales

Number of futures contracts of oxen has 53.8% drop in April

5/20/2016 - São Paulo-With the price of arroba spinning in high, around 155 R$, producers of oxen has reduced it

Medical machinery and equipment industry sights provide services

5/20/2016 - São Paulo-to circumvent the economic downturn and the fall of investment in healthcare, hospital mac

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