Thursday, March 17, 2016

Expensive toiletries

Maintain personal hygiene in day will cost more expensive for the consumer, from the 1st of April. Is that the tax on circulation of Goods and services (ICMS) of toilet paper, toothpaste, dental floss and oral hygiene products, as well as deodorants and shaving creams, will increase. The percentages vary according to the type of product. The high more expressive of the toothpaste, whose rate will be 12% to 27%, which means a high of 125%.
In the box, the consumer of Minas Gerais, you should pay more for the product, 26.7% according to the President of the Brazilian Association of industries of personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics (Abihpec), Joao Carlos Basilio. "On average, the products of our thread will be 23% more expensive," he says.
For him, the increase in tax rates, in particular about the oral hygiene products, will be catastrophic, and it''s going to impact more on budget of the poorest. "Toothpaste, tampons and toilet paper are essential products," stresses.
The professor of Economics from Ibmec/MG Philip Leroy notes that these products cannot be replaced by other, as happens with the fresh produce. "At most you can switch to cheaper brands, but you can''t fail to consume," he points out.
Increase "late". Decree No. 46,859, October 1, 2015, raised the rates of VAT of more than 150 products, who have already had the tax increase on January 1 this year. However, rates of five categories have been revised and amended later, by Decree n° 46,924 – cream and shaving foam, deodorant, floss and denture products.
Worse for the poor
"Increase in taxes means impoverishment of the population. After all, the products end up getting more expensive, impacting on income. Everybody pays more expensive. Only the reflections are different according to the income of the person. The middle-class and poor are those who feel the high in your budget. In the case of essential products, like toothpaste and toilet paper, for example, the situation becomes complicated, because you can''t replace with others "
Already increased
The Secretariat of Finance reported that the rates of the following products had already been changed on January 1st of this year:
* 12% to 18%: SOAP, toothbrush, toilet paper and absorbent
* 25% to 27%: cosmetics (the tax rate remains 25%, but added 2 percentage points of the Eradication of poverty fund, which amounts to 27%). This percentage to the FEM has validity until 12/31/2019
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