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Promotions in supermarkets give boost to the sale of liquor

Sales of alcoholic beverages in the country gained momentum in November with the strengthening of promotions during Black Friday in supermarket chains, hypermarkets and atacarejo. But, for the consultancy Nielsen, this increase does not have a additional consumption but an anticipation of the purchases of drinks for the holidays.
In GPA (Grupo Pão de Açúcar), which brings together the Extra networks, Pão de Açúcar, Extra mini market and Minute Sugarloaf, sales of wines and beers on the day of the promotion were equivalent to one week''s sales. In comparison to the Black Friday of 2015, sales of premium beers grew 108% in volume. In the category of distillates and wine sales are up 39% compared to the same date of 2015; whiskies and vodkas had growth of 36%.
Considering the total volume, the Group sold in a day, the equivalent of 2.5 weeks of sales of alcoholic beverages. This year, the Group held up to 50% savings in premium beers and wines of the Club des Sommeliers, his own brand of the GPA.
Walmart Brazil reported that whisky and beers are featured in sales on Black Friday this year, but did not mention numbers. Carrefour also didn''t report sales data of alcoholic beverages in the period.
In Cencosud, sales of drinks in the network advanced 88% by volume Prezunic, with special emphasis for wines and distillates, according to the company. In GBarbosa, the increase was 26% compared to the same promotion held last year. The biggest sale was in the line of distillates. The network offered discounts of 40% vodka Absolut (Pernod Ricard) and in Passport Scotch (Pernod Ricard). The beer Skol, Ambev, also occupied a prominent place, according to the company, by means of promotion in which the client takes three items and only pay for two.
The network also Perini, Cencosud, the increase in sales was of 80% compared to the result obtained in the last year. The network offered discounts of up to 50% in alcoholic beverages. In one day, the Perini sold 7000 bottles of whiskey and 5000 bottles of vodka and sparkling wine.
Suppliers Ambev reported that held 20% discounts to 30% this year in the main supermarket networks in the country. Without citing figures, Ricardo Roza, Director of sales for self-catering (such as supermarkets) of Ambev, said that Black Friday creates a moment of very important sales ", because" increases the flow of consumers and, consequently, sales ".
The Brazil Kirin reported that did promotions, but gave no details. Heineken and the Grupo Petrópolis not attended the interview request.
Diageo, which owns the Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff brands, also participated in the season of discounts, with rows of whiskey and vodka. Alexandre Miranda, Sales Director of Diageo, said that Black Friday is an opportunity to increase sales and attract new customers. But it has not reported the results of the actions made by the company during the period.
The Famiglia Valduga Winery, of Rio Grande do Sul, also offered discounts of 30% to 50% in their wines, sales in delicatessens, bars, restaurants and on the internet. Felix Polo, Director of marketing for Famiglia Valduga, said sales during Black Friday this year were four times higher than the promotion held in 2015.
Companies do not report if the promotions generate additional sales volume in the year. For Marcelo Fazio, market analyst from Nielsen, the Black Friday only anticipates sales of drinks expected for December. He said that sales of alcoholic beverages grow mainly in the case of beverages higher value-added.
During the promotional period, the premium brands register a 69% increase in sales compared to other weeks of the year, and contribute 56% to the increase in volume sales of alcoholic beverages as a whole.
According to Nielsen, the discounts on alcoholic beverages have been situated between 17% and 19% in physical retail, on average. For this year, the Nielsen estimates an increase of 14.3% in the Black Friday sales in the self-service market as a whole, reaching 2.4 billion R$.
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