Friday, December 09, 2016

Brazil is exporting natural energy

A natural herbal energy drink yerba mate and Guarana. This is the formula of the Waker Energy Drink company, brasiliense Kill Brazil, which has won the gondolas of small shops in France and Portugal. The industry is keeping an eye on new markets, including the United Arab Emirates.
The Kill was founded in Brazil by 2014 six friends formed in Automation Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, but who have decided to take advantage of a different market niche for doing business. "We noticed that people are in an increasingly exhausting routine and that the energy options available on the market were healthy", explains Fernando Martinelli, CEO, about the creation of the drink.
The first sale abroad was made in 2015 after a friend of the group, which took the drink to France, presented the product to buyers of a chain of supermarkets in the country. "We made a big sale for a summer themed action on Latin America," says Martinelli.
The high costs of direct exports, however, meant that the company would use the services of trading companies and it was through them that the energetic continued on the French market, entered the Portuguese market and that, now, Brazil Kill prospect new countries.
"A trading told us that a client of the Emirates liked the product and we''re sending samples to there in the coming days," Martinelli. According to the Manager, a network of the United States is also interested in the brand energy.
Martinelli says the product has a high dose of caffeine, thanks to a special Browning of yerba mate, which gives the energy characteristic of the product. For this, the Waker Browning Energy Drink is a product that has been created aimed at an audience of higher-income and can be found in restaurants like Eataly of São Paulo, for example.
The Waker Energy Drink is produced in two versions, one with 69 calories and another with zero. The two versions are exported. Today, the shipments abroad represent only 2% of the company''s revenue, which provides close 2016 with 400,000 R$ recipe.
For 2017, Martinelli says the cast is Bill more than $1 million. The company also plans to increase its foreign sales. "We''d like to get to 20% (of exports revenues) over the next two years," points out the Manager.
For this, the company participates in training projects for exports with the Brazilian Agency of Promotion of exports and investments (Apex-Brazil) and intends to participate in missions and events in the United States, Colombia and Peru.
To enter in the Emirates, the mark affixed to the taste of that market for news. "They care a lot for new products. Are very open and interested in news. They also like to teas and tropical products. There is a willingness to accept a product like ours, genuinely Brazilian with Guarana and yerba mate, "said Martinelli. The list of countries in which the Kill Brazil intends to enter includes Mexico and Chile.
Currently, the company has a monthly production of 15000 cans of energy drink. Beverage production is outsourced and done by a factory in Tietê River, in São Paulo. In 2017, Brazil Kill plans to launch a new natural energy based on Acai. The company has eight employees.
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