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Course: management of purchasing and negotiating with suppliers

11/6/2015 - The Minder Minister the course Management of purchasing and negotiating with suppliers, where partic

Course: Negotiation on purchases and supplies

11/6/2015 - Come and join this course, in São Paulo, 17 days and 11/18/15, at the Hotel Slaviero Slim Congonhas,

Training: Strategic Sourcing tools/Management Categories

11/6/2015 - Strategic Sourcing tools training/management Categories will be held in São Paulo in day 11 of Novem

Own brand is good option also outside the supermarket

11/5/2015 - Beyond supermarkets, private label products are a good option for other retail segments. Of accessor

Baby food ads and artificial milk for babies are regulated

11/5/2015 - The advertising of foods and products considered harmful to breastfeeding, such as baby foods and ar

Bunge and Solazyme extend joint venture in Brazil

11/5/2015 - The Solazyme and Bunge announced that expanded a joint venture that has already held in oil producti

Hershey restructures and initiates the solo flight in the Brazilian market

11/5/2015 - A global revenue of $ 7.1 billion and about 300 million R$ in Brazil, the American chocolate manufac

Bunge is the most sustainable company of the year by the Guia EXAME

11/5/2015 - Bunge was voted the most sustainable company of 2015 for the new edition of the EXAME sustainability

Bayer invests $ 22 million in SP

11/5/2015 - In order to improve the service to more strategic market in the segment of crop protection for the c

Manufacturers try to circumvent weak demand with greater control of costs

11/5/2015 - The largest manufacturers of consumer goods are still struggling to minimize the impact of the econo

Retail of Construction Grows in Outubr

11/4/2015 - Building material sales grew 8% in October, compared with September and recoil also of 8% compared t

Americans Trade Fast Food For Supermarkets

11/4/2015 - A survey published on March 30, in the us, shows that in the first half of this year the rotisserias

Alpargatas sells brands Topper and Queen to investors

11/4/2015 - Alpargatas S.A. announced Tuesday morning, 3, who signed with a group of investors contract for the

Hypermarcas rose 35% on diapers prices-but think little

11/4/2015 - Amid the restructuring of its portfolio and consumer divisions for sale, Hypermarcas is adjusting pr

Guinness is now a vegetarian

11/4/2015 - Vegetarians more convinced can soon enjoy a Guinness without fear after the Irish beer manufacturers

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