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Sale of at least 5 years back up TVs

11/10/2015 - With consumer confidence at very low levels, the tv market in Brazil will walk back at least five ye

Aché plans to double in size in five years

11/10/2015 - One of the largest national laboratories, Aché started in 2015 a new growth cycle. The goal is to in

Pharmacies react to government cut federates

11/9/2015 - The possibility of 50% reduction in the budget for the people's Pharmacy Program in 2016, which enco

Production of motorcycles fall 12.1 percent in October compared to September

11/9/2015 - The production of motorcycles fell 12.1% in October compared with September, to 104,388 units, the B

Foton negotiates purchase of International operation in Rio Grande do Sul

11/9/2015 - The Foton Aumark is reorganizing to meet the timetable laid down for its operations in Brazil. The d

Exchange makes Avon reverse profit and close quarter with losses

11/9/2015 - Avon cosmetics maker reported third-quarter net loss of $ 697 million, reversing a profit of $ 92 mi

AmBev Closed factory in RN

11/9/2015 - The drinks maker announced that it will close the plant that has on Christmas, after the Government

In the recession, special beer WINS market

11/9/2015 - The Brazilian beer market shrank this year, returning to the levels of 2013. But companies that stre

Heineken invests r $ 1 bi in Brazil to expand the production

11/9/2015 - The Dutch brewery Heineken, the world's third-largest brewer behind Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev)

Marfrig reduces debt and search advancement in food servic

11/9/2015 - In line with a strategy focused on reducing costs and increasing profitability, the Global Foods rev

Positive Launches Smartphone For Children

11/6/2015 - The brand presents the Positive smartphone S550 Kids. "The decision to create a device for children

Green World Launches Panettones

11/6/2015 - The network extends the brand World Green investment selection and launches a line of healthy panett

Marcopolo company will take control of the Company

11/6/2015 - Marcopolo, leader in the production of bus bodies, with almost 40% of the market, will take control

Marfrig's net profit of R$185,9 million in the third quarter

11/6/2015 - The Marfrig food company announced on Friday that it had net income of R$185,9 million in the third

Course: strategic planning applied to Purchases

11/6/2015 - The CBEC-Brazilian Council of executives, will Minister the course: strategic planning applied to Pu

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