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Coffee industry seeks to blend capsules

11/16/2015 - With the protectionism of the Government still barring the release of a small amount of coffee impor

Embelleze creates new product line with D-Panthenol

11/13/2015 - Women live in search of ways to enhance hydration of the hair and often use D-Panthenol, the darling

Crisis Raises penetration of cards in Brazil

11/13/2015 - In the first half of 2015, the use of credit cards in Brazil won 2.5 million new homes and more than

Course: strategic planning applied to Purchases

11/13/2015 - The CBEC-Brazilian Council of executives, will Minister the course: strategic planning applied to Pu

Course: management of purchasing and negotiating with suppliers

11/13/2015 - The Minder Minister the course Management of purchasing and negotiating with suppliers, where partic

Course: Negotiation on purchases and supplies

11/13/2015 - Come and join this course, in São Paulo, 17 days and 11/18/15, at the Hotel Slaviero Slim Congonhas,

Packfoods Group launches Beer Scarpas

11/13/2015 - The members of the Packfoods Group and brewing culture enthusiasts gathered for conceiving the first

Soda Antarctica gain new visual identity

11/13/2015 - The soft drinks of Antarctica won new visual identity. Under the tagline "the taste of a classic", S

Training: Procurement Processes

11/13/2015 - Shopping Processes training will be held in São Paulo on day 2 of December, at the Hotel Mercure whi

Basket of Sao Paulo rose 1.30 percent in October, says Procon-SP

11/13/2015 - The basic basket of paulistano was more expensive in October. The Foundation's research in agreement

Suzano will invest 1.56 bi R$ in plants of NE

11/13/2015 - Suzano Papel e Celulose will invest about 1.56 billion R$ in units of Mucuri (BA) and Empress (MA) t

Appliance market will only see recovery in 2017

11/13/2015 - The year 2016 even started and the household appliance industry white line expects to repeat the num

APAs expects 7 percent growth in Christmas sales in SP

11/12/2015 - Supermarket sales in São Paulo must register 7% nominal growth this Christmas compared with the same

Food Castle is among the "Large Packing Cases"

11/12/2015 - The Castle, the leading Food category of Vinegars, celebrates 110 years of its brand as one of the w

Increases the interest in cosmetics for men

11/12/2015 - The men, increasingly vain, arouse the attention of the cosmetic industries. According to the Brazil

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