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June, 2015

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Anvisa Prevents Sale of olive oil La Española

6/30/2015 - In resolution No. 1,807, published this Wednesday (24/06) in the Official Gazette, the national heal

Food High in price May Lead

6/30/2015 - The cost of living by Social Class (CVCS) surged to 0.47% in may, racked up 5.27% in the year and 8.

Sales in supermarkets fell 2.53 percent in may, show Open

6/30/2015 - Supermarket industry sales fell 2.53 percent in may, compared with the previous month, according to

Suvinil Launches Special packing of jerk

6/30/2015 - The Suvinil, brand of paints from BASF and leader in the segmentopremium, enter in the tradition of

Crystal develops packaging to encourage water consumption

6/30/2015 - The Crystal has developed a package to encourage water consumption. The difference is in the lid, wh

Snoop Dogg promotes rum in United States

6/30/2015 - As much as Snoop Dogg is not an obvious choice to represent one of the most traditional products fro

JBS: release of Brazil by the United States will be historic

6/29/2015 - The release of the United States market for fresh meat from Brazil, which may be announced in the ne

Rexam and Ambev throw cans for the Parintins Folklore Festival

6/29/2015 - Rexam and AMBEV have developed special cans for the Parintins Folklore Festival that takes place eve

LAY's ® ´ in new packaging Multipack

6/29/2015 - The LAY's ® ´ is launching in June Multipack packaging, which has five units LAY's ® potato 30 g eac

Domestic demand for industrial chemicals suffers fall between January and may...

6/29/2015 - The demand for industrial chemicals fell 3.1% from January to may 2015, as compared to the same peri

New drops Always in line new holographic packaging

6/29/2015 - New drops Always in line new holographic packaging Based on the new brand positioning and knowing t

Sale of crayons in Kalunga Grows 210%

6/29/2015 - The retailer surged from 210% in sales of crayons in may, compared to the same period last year. Ite

P&G bet on new packaging and execution in the store to confront crisis in Brazil

6/29/2015 - Company will invest in improving the assortment of their categories in grocery stores and in more ex

Pasta, breads, pigs, poultry and fish escape from increase in tribute

6/29/2015 - The Board concluded on Thursday (25) to vote on the project that reduces the release of payroll and

As Nespresso became an icon without ever having sold coffee

6/26/2015 - More than coffee, Nespresso sells "a unique experience", that's how the company defines your busines

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