Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Santher Professional launches new Titanium line

Santher Professional launches new Titanium line with more resistance, combining classic design to modernity in the use and works, in the case of dispenser with self-cutting foil slitting measure 23 cm, while the remaining products on the market have cutting measure between 25 and 30 cm.
According to Vera Calvo, Manager of the Professional line, the intention with this differential in the cut is to keep the user's habit and still reduce paper consumption levels. "In addition to the product economy, there are, no doubt, a labor-saving, since the replacements of paper become less frequent. The estimated reduction in paper consumption is around 23%, when compared with the dispensers that cut 30 cm ", explains.
Santher Professional launches also Wipers line Snob. Developed with the same quality and technology of the brand Snob in the towel market, the product is composed of a mix of cellulose and synthetic fiber, which ensures even more absorption, without losing the softness. The leaves of Wipers disposable absorption offer high Snob to water and oil, high abrasion resistance and not frayed after cleaning. The Wipers Snob are available in 4 different versions.
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