Thursday, May 07, 2015

Owner of trademark dermacosmetics Avène invests $ 50 million in Rio

With L'Oreal, one of his main competitors advancing on territory fluminense, the President of the French Pierre Fabre also, Bertrand Parmentier, better known in Brazil by the brand of dermocosmetics Avène, was in Rio de Janeiro last week to announce new investments in the State. On luggage, $ 50 million to expand the production capacity of the factory of dermacosmetics in the municipality of Areal, and ensure the maintenance of tax incentives.
Since the crisis in the oil sector has deteriorated with the fall in the price of a barrel and the decrease in Petrobras ' rhythm, caused by the impact of the operation Carwash,   the State Government has revised tax incentives. The goal is to improve the collection, but also strengthen the sectors in which identifies growth potential, such as medicines and cosmetics. In the case of Pierre Fabre, managed.
"It is clear that we cannot work in a fiscal scenario that changes all the time, but we have confidence in the strength of the economy of Brazil. The average growth of the market of dermacosmetics here is 13%,   already occupies the sixth position in the world market, "said Parmentier. The $ 50 million is equivalent to three times more than Pierre Fabre's investment in the unit between 2010 and 2014, and will quintuple production capacity. Will also be hired more than 100 new employees, which will add to the contingent of 250 people who owns in Brazil. With the investment, the company will increase the production of the mark Darrow, of national origin, but bought by French group in 2006. Will also increase the capacity of the packaging line Avéne, which   has to be produced in France because it uses a local thermal spring water.
"The Brazil is strategic for the Pierre Fabre. Represents 50% of sales in Latin America and can transform into an export platform for the region, "he explains.
The Pierre Fabre occupies third place in the world of laboratories, where prioritizes the production of cancer medicines. Specific segment of dermacosmetics, is in second place. The Brazil still represents a small portion of the revenue of the Group — were $ 70 million in 2014 against 2 billion euros invoiced globally. To 2015, it is expected earn r $ 90 million in the country.
Unlike L'oreal, which is investing in a research center in the capital, the Pierre Fabre research will focus on the country's own dermacosmetics unit of Areal. Already in the area of medicines, the group will deploy a new operating platform with control and distribution center for the Pierre Fabre Médicament (PFM), in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, entered into a partnership with EMS for the development of a biomedicamento for leukemia. In this case, however, Parmentier does not disclose the investment.
"In total, we have invested 17 percent of revenues in research and development worldwide," sums up the President of the group, whose turnover is divided between dermacosmetics (55%) and medicines.
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