Monday, May 18, 2015

Corn under pressure from lower prices

The Brazilian market for corn was slow in business in the last week. There were only occasional purchases, since buyers are well positioned with their stocks. The pressure is low in price, with good interest seller and in most regions, prices fell in recent days.
As the Crops analyst Market & Fernando Henrique Iglesias, the buyer is awaiting the entrance of the off-season on the market so that prices fall even further, to then make their purchases. "Everyone knows that the low pressure will be very intense during the second harvest, and the prices should fall," noted. The prediction for the short term, therefore, is the prices fall even more, and buyers if absent in the same measure, awaiting lower prices, according to Iglesias.
Brazil's exports earned $ 32.00 million in April (20 working days), with a daily average of $ 1.6 million. The total amount of corn exported by the Country reached 159.2 thousand tons, with a daily average of 8 thousand tons. The average price of the ton was at $ 201,1.
Between March and April, there was a low of 73.5% in average value exported, a devaluation of 74.1% in quantity and an increase of 2.2% in the average price. On relationship between April 2015 and the same month of 2014, there was low of 74.3% in the total amount exported, indentation of 71.7% in total amount and depreciation of 9.2% in the average price.
7 day prices for maize crops, the indication in the port at Paranagua was R $ 27.50/29.00. In the port of Santos, price went to $ 28.50/30.00. In Paraná, the buyer/seller listing in Cascavel stayed unchanged, at r $ 22.50/23.00. In Sao Paulo, the price stood at stability, R $ 23.50/24.00 in Mogiana. In Campinas, CIF quotation was unchanged, at $ 25.50/26.00.
In Rio Grande do Sul, price was stable, to $ 25.50/26.50 to dig in Erechim. In Minas Gerais, price in Uberlândia (Triângulo Mineiro) in R $ 23.50/24.00. In Goiás, stable price, the $ 22/22.50, in Rio Verde. In Mato Grosso, price r $ 18.00/17, in Rondonópolis.
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